Depending on the field of study, it is not always possible for graduates to start their careers light. Here, an MBA or postgraduate course can help you make a career change. But selection is often not easy. Costs and benefits at a glance.

Further education, MBA & postgraduate studies: cost-benefit calculation for lateral entry into the economy

What is the MBA and what is it good for?

In principle, the MBA is nothing more than the classical Anglo-Saxon master's degree in business administration and, as a postgraduate course, it should also help graduates of non-economics subjects to gain relevant specialist knowledge.

It enjoys a high level of acceptance on the job market. Also for Dr. Oliver Krone, who is now Senior Consultant at PROMATIS software GmbH, was this additional one Deselect the reason to do an MBA:

Acceptance on the labor market

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Krone studied politics, education and law with the aim of adult education. However, the career prospects in this area deteriorated so much during his studies that he decided to do a one-year Master of Business Administration (MBA) to attach.

"I didn't want to appear on the job market as an unworldly philosopher, but rather to show that I also have a basic knowledge of strategic management and Marketing - also so that I was taken seriously by potential employers."

Why a construction study?

Postgraduate studies offer humanities scholars in particular a good opportunity to deepen existing specialist knowledge or to acquire additional knowledge. Because they acquire verifiable additional qualifications.

Appropriate further courses of study are offered at home and abroad not only for Economy, but also offered for numerous other directions and special areas.

Postgraduate course costs

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However, since postgraduateCourses can be very expensive – an MBA, for example, costs up to 90.000 euros, but other postgraduateCourses are far cheaper – it is advisable to choose wisely. Here is the Financing not the main problem, since there are scholarships, loans and government subsidies. It is much more difficult to find the right content and conclusion in the jungle of offers.

In addition to numerous internationally recognized offers such as the MBA, there are also certificates from individual institutes which are completely unknown in the labor market.

Quality - choose the right course

However, who has time and Money in a Further Training invest should pay close attention to whether potential employers also recognize the degree. This is guaranteed, for example, if a degree program (usually a Master's) has been awarded a special seal of quality by an accreditation agency (accreditation) and appears in relevant rankings, or if a professional Further Training is completed with an IHK qualification.

In addition, the content of the training program is only useful if it is also prepared in a concrete and practical manner for a specific professional activity, eg by means of practical units within the course.

Is a postgraduate study absolutely necessary?

However, postgraduate education or further education is not absolutely necessary in order to acquire additional knowledge. Humanities scholars can just as well learn these skills independently.

However, basic knowledge of economics is often important for starting a career. You should therefore deal with economic issues during your studies, for example by attending basic courses in marketing and management - as Oliver Krone recommends from his own experience:

“The basic requirement for an optimal career start is to present yourself well. Above all, however, it is important to be interested in familiarizing yourself with economic topics and to know the relevant technical terms. For me, the MBA was just the vehicle for people to see that I knew about the subject. That was good for you too self-confidence. "

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