Many People think it depends more on the content than that Presentation. This is a big mistake. The non-verbal Effect is at least as important.

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The power of action: The eye eats with it

You have arranged appointments with two different financial advisors to discuss the best investment strategy for your hard earned savings. Upon entering the first office building, you notice that the shrubs at the entrance must be truncated urgently and fingerprints on the revolving doors.

At the reception desk the responsible security guard pushes you to the visitors list. You know the procedure: you log in, present your ID card and wait while a call is made to the upper floor. Following this, the post will let you know where the elevators are with a casual wave.

The occurrence counts

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Once at the top, you'll find a receptionist who's busy operating a hectic flashing system telephone. Between the calls you name your name and your concern. She points to a chair on which you sit. Then you start leafing through the magazines that are there on the table.

You wait ten minutes and just want to ask if you can use the toilet as your potential Adviser enters the scene. His sleeves rolled up and his tie loosely tied suggest that the morning has already been quite hectic for him. After giving you the hurriedly Hand follow him in his Office .

The telephone is already ringing there. He picks up the phone as he gestures for you to sit down. They sit down and try to stray away while the adviser is on the phone. Finally, he hangs up and your conversation begins.

The power of the beautiful light

The second appointment looks like this: The windows on the building are sparkling. The facade is freshly painted, the green area perfectly maintained. At the reception desk, you are benevolently aware that you are already expected: your name is on the visitor list. A quick look at your identity card, and it's up to the elevator.

The receptionist is on the phone when you approach her. She ends this Conversation, hangs up, gives you a friendly look and greets you with a »Good morning. How can I help you?". You state your name and your request. She asks you to be seated while informing the advisor of your arrival. You sit down and browse a little through the company brochures that are on the table.

It takes less than five minutes for your contact person to come and button his jacket as he approaches. He greets you with a friendly smile and a firm handshake before you walk into his office together. There are some chairs there and your advisor will let you have them Choicewhere you want to sit. You are surprised to find that your favorite drink is already waiting for you. Then you suddenly remember: you recently received a call confirming the appointment and asking what you like to drink. You both take a seat and start the meeting.

Checklist non-verbal signals

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I'm sure you can guess what I'm getting at by now: assuming all other circumstances are more or less the same, who would you give yours to Money rather confide? What might not be obvious at first glance is that in both scenarios almost all the crucial elements are non-verbal in nature:

Lightning estimates - quick decisions with far-reaching consequences

Maybe you are Opinionsthat such things only serve the superficial, beautiful appearance. But consider briefly the reasons people typically end a business relationship. It is often the small, destructive details - unreturned calls, unanswered emails, constant delays, the unpleasant feeling that the contact person is either constantly in a hurry, disorganized or prefers other clients - that our goodwill or the indispensable in economic contexts Trust undermine and put an end to the originally positive relationship.

Often we are not aware of how frustrating a relationship has become - until one day contracts have to be renewed, prices rise, a competitor makes a tempting offer, or a mistake caused by carelessness has costly consequences and overcomes the shortage.

This is how we filter and evaluate impressions

We humans come with a large, adaptable and eager to learn Brain born. Since we are seriously deficient in our physical appearance (e.g., we have no armor, claws, beak, wings, or fangs, and especially fast neither are we), in order to survive we had to rely on our mental flexibility: our ability to assess situations quickly and react decisively based on the sensory input, to learn from experience and to remember what we learned.

We're sort of going through them with our radar on Welt, whereby our senses take in a constant stream of impressions, which we also constantly evaluate. We consciously receive and evaluate many impressions: we take notice of someone we find attractive and approach this person to get a closer look. We smell freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and feel the urge to taste them. We hear our manager mention our name and approach him to find out in what context it might have happened.

 That's what science says

We receive and evaluate other impressions without consciously thinking: we see an approaching car and jump out of the danger zone. We take a step back if someone gets too close. We avoid people whose Behavior or appearance does not appear to conform to the norm. In short, we are constantly making decisions based on a surprisingly small amount of information - and in a surprisingly short time. That's what I mean with that Term "Flash assessment" mean.

The scientific approach to this topic began in the 1990 years, when studies showed that we were able to make very accurate judgments about the personality of people within a very short time, which often sufficed for a photograph that suited the subject for a few seconds (or even shorter).

The power of unconscious decision

It has been found that much of our decisions - from the friends we surround ourselves to the way we invest our money - are made on the basis of unconscious whisperings from a very old age of our consciousness that is not deliberately accessible to us.

This consciousness is constantly active and bypasses our logical thinking faculty, it works quasi in the background, but nevertheless dominates our perceptions. Flash assessments often provide surprisingly precise insights into our fellow human beings: how they affect us act, their trustworthiness and their feelings towards us. Most of the data we rely on in those millisecond, yet powerful, assessments is non-verbal in nature.

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