Networking is one of the most important success factors for today Job. But many People fail to get to know and talk to the right people. How do you get fast in the Conversation?

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Networking - the art of getting in touch with people quickly and easily

Some time ago I have the Social Traveler Bjorn Troch interviewed. He's three years around Welt traveled and gained a lot of experience with people. What he also learned: The need to get in touch with other people quickly and easily. His motto "Be Social" means exactly that: Simply speak to other people.

Many people, especially in Germany, find it difficult to do this. Even if it seems difficult to get into conversation with people you hardly know or not at all: Approach people in a relaxed and impartial manner. Find a connection point from the respective situation or from the behavior of the other.

What does the famous vitamin B mean?

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Networking is a conscious process that requires building relationships with the people in your network. The best way to start networking is to understand the power of relationship building and then learn how to do it effectively.

As you develop your skills, the Art of listening refine and confident stick with it, you're well on your way to becoming an expert at networking. But what exactly does the infamous B vitamin actually mean? Well, vitamin B stands for:

Communication as the key to success

Networking is in everyone Industry a key to Success. Building a strong network will boost your professional development, help you find new opportunities, and provide support in times of need. However, networking can also be difficult if you're an introvert, uncomfortable interacting with people, or just too busy to make time for it invest.

Networking is the key to success in any industry. Whether you're looking for a job, a promotion, or just want to make more friends, networking can help you get what you want. There are even people who owe their success to their ability to network well.

Why is networking so important?

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Networking is often the difference between a good job and a great job. Whether you work for yourself or someone else, the people you know are your most valuable Capital. But how do you make contacts? In this post you will learn how to get your Career You can move forward by building relationships with others. It's hard to succeed when you're alone. That's why so many people try to be successful in their careers without networking.

Networking is the best way to find new opportunities, meet interesting people, and keep your skills updated - the more relationships you make, the easier it is to climb the corporate ladder. But how do you build strong networks? Here's how to socialize and how to get them to help you in return.

Tips for starting a conversation

In every situation there is a suitable opportunity that you can use to build a relationship with your counterpart. If possible, find a positive start - otherwise you'll be there as a whiner. Here's a small one selection:

  1. Take initiative: When you stand near the counter in the elevator: “Hello. Which floor do you have to go to? I'm already doing this ... here? " Do you only know your colleague by sight? Never mind: “Good afternoon. We meet here now and then. In which department do you work? " or: “It's funny that we meet here every day. It only takes ten floors, but still. Are you busy? " Do you know people a little better? Talk about something pleasant: "How was it on vacation?"
  2. Do not be afraid of embarrassments: Many people fear small talk because they put themselves under pressure to want to say something particularly intelligent. Better: first the situation: Observe the people present. Who are you interested in? Who is also on the sidelines? Who doesn't seem to really know how to get in touch with others, for example at the company party? Who do you like?
  3. Introduce yourself: Whether you get into conversation with someone depends very much on whether everything goes right from the start. Someone who immediately mentions his name inspires more trust than the great silent man. Even if there are name tags or someone else knows who they are looking at, you appear more polite and personable if you introduce yourself again in person. This also helps if you don't know the other person's name - they will then introduce themselves personally. If you don't understand names, just ask straight away.
  4. Let the other person do the talking first and listen carefully: Many people lack the patience to do this, so your counterpart will be happy about your honest interest and will tell something about themselves all by themselves. Comment on the statements with small intervening sounds and appropriate gestures. Just let the conversation go.
  5. Sometimes the first sentences already contain starting points: Example canteen: Does your colleague like Italian food? Your creativity is now in demand: Which images appear in your mind's eye? Form chains of associations, for example: “Eating - free time - vacation. Your colleague probably likes Italy… ”And then ask carefully:“ Have you been to Italy on vacation often? Oh, in Tuscany - where exactly? "
  6. Listening is silver, right questions is gold:. Nobody likes senior teachers and frequent speakers. So let the others talk and ask open questions that start with why, for what or how. Then you will also get answers, because people appreciate genuine interest and recognition.

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