Employers are taking a closer look at how Candidate im Internet present. More than 25 percent of all Company systematically examine the personal data of the Candidates in social networks like facebook and Linkedin.

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1. Personal lighting the net

More than 25 percent of all companies systematically screen the candidates' personal data in social networks such as Facebook and Linkedin. This has now been determined by a current dimap study. Hobbies, personal preferences and opinions of the candidates come to light.

I therefore advise that applicants strategically build their profile on the Web 2.0 and are cautious with private data. Even if they are not in an active application phase, because the network does not forget anything.

2. Be careful of party photos

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So if the up-and-coming financial expert puts a party photo with a slipped shirt on the net in a Bierlaune, it could possibly even cost him the next job. Because if entries can throw an unfavorable light on you, ask the provider politely to delete them. Most providers are cooperative. However, the authors do not have a claim for deletion in their own contributions.

In many social networks, such as Xing, StudiVZ and Facebook, members can customize access to a certain extent. With Xing, for example, it can be ruled out that the profile can be found via Google and that strangers write in the guest book. However, this requires know-how about these possibilities, which are often hidden in the small print. The visibility of discussion groups can also be adjusted. This is how you prevent, for example with Xing, that employers Commitment noticed in the unemployment group.

3. avoid

4. Show personality

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Show the internet Personality – but be careful and stay authentic. So hobbies can be an eye-catcher for potential employers, but not everyone is born to be a skydiver.

So if you are a volleyball or table tennis player, you should register these hobbies. Also with activities at social organizations, the fire brigade or a child welfare organization, applicants can accumulate positive points - if it is correctly dosed.

Positive personality signals are:

5. Show your competence

It is in high demand among potential employers Expertise. If you have expert knowledge, you can prove it with clever blog posts. Or document his know-how with entries on Xing or his own website.

It is also important that applicants build a uniform professional profile. Anyone who offers a veal tray with five different fields of activity appears less professional than the candidate who is “only” a SAP expert.

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