Almost all German students use additional training opportunities to improve their career opportunities. In addition to internships and part-time jobs, courses and workshops are also useful additions.

Starting your career - further training during your studies

More competition requires more performance

Recently, the Federal Statistical Office reported that the number of students has reached a new peak. In the current semester, 2,8 has registered millions of students at German universities, more than ever before. At the same time, the number of graduates also grows. In the 2014 year, 460.000 students have earned an academic degree.

That is 6 percent more than a year ago. These figures show: The competition among the highly qualified is growing. Even if studying is still the best Insurance against unemployment and is reflected in above-average pay, a bachelor's or master's degree no longer automatically means a smooth career path.

Students do not rely on their studies alone

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The students have recognized this and do not rely solely on their studies to prepare themselves for a successful start in professional life. In a recent survey of around 1.000 German students, 90 percent of those surveyed stated that they were next to the Uni to get you ready to start your career.

This is by no means due to the poor quality of the academic Vocational Training in this country. A majority of 60 percent feel well or very well prepared for future relevant topics in their field. But only 16 percent see their studies as the most important job preparation.

Other forms of knowledge transfer are also popular: practical experience counts. So the students are on the right track. Practical experiences are for Young Professionals a very important way to focus on the Job prepare.

7 tips for career advancement

But how come the students to their additional qualifications? Additional skills can be acquired eg through practice and Further Training and thanks to eLearning, it helps to learn individually and purposefully. 7 Tips:

  1. Internships and part-time jobs: The respondents attach great importance to internships and internship semesters as well as part-time jobs with a subject-related aspect. German students have recognized that academic expertise is insufficient to survive in working life. In order to acquire job-relevant skills, half of the respondents rely on internships and 43 percent on part-time jobs that are related to the content of their studies.
  2. Courses offered at the university: One in five takes advantage of theCourses offered by his university, which are not part of his curriculum. Nearly as many (18 per cent) are additional knowledge in self-study.
  3. Additional courses: There are numerous training courses that help students to practice and deepen their teaching content.
  4. Close knowledge gaps: In practice, many skills such as English, IT skills or project management are expected, which are hardly taught at university, even in many secondary jobs. If you have any gaps in your knowledge here, you can conclude them uncomplicatedly in the form of courses or workshops.
  5. Further Education: More than half said they had already used further training courses such as courses, workshops or barcamps. The main motivation for this is the improvement of one's own career opportunities: 30 percent want to stand out from the competition by additional skills, more 17 percent hope to meet the requirements of future employers better.
  6. Use eLearning: In the meantime, there are so many offers on the market thanks to eLearning that there should be something for everyone. Many courses are even free - a key consideration for 55 percent of respondents in the study. Maybe that's also the case Best of HR –®-eLearning offer something for you?
  7. Self-initiative and self-discipline show: Recognizing such offers sends a signal to potential employers. It proves self-initiative and self-discipline. These are skills that are highly valued by superiors. It is important that you know your own type of learning and choose a course that suits your own personality. This not only motivates, but also increases the learning success. Because the fun of the matter is not negligible: After all, 23 percent stated to develop mainly for personal interest.

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