If you want to change your life and your job, you have to approach the topic systematically. 4 steps help address the issue.

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The example

Some readers of my publications sometimes ask me if they can contact the participants of the practical cases presented. You will recognize similarities and would like to meet the person in a social way Network connect. That is obvious and I like to connect suitable ones customers among themselves, subject to the consent of both persons.

In the case of Carsten J. Graf, however, this is not possible. Carsten is a person who is made up of characteristics from four customers that actually exist. I would like to use his example to show what a balanced path looks like in practice: I will describe his case for you. This will give you better access to the system and procedure.

Move or stay?

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Carsten contacted me after his employer had accepted him for a classic outplacement. The 45-year-old graduate engineer and family man had been with the company for almost twenty years at the time of his agreement Companys and last headed a department.

He had known for some time that management was considering moving the department abroad. The thought of moving to the south of France prepared his Family and give him a headache. For his Ms. a move would mean the temporary end of their professional life Career means.

Life under the magnifying glass

So he decided to take a close look at everything in his life. Its original Career choice was namely a one-sided and largely externally controlled decision been.

The component Work, so the up Income, Performance and effectiveness aligned forces, were already in school and Study superficially maintained. Until then, it was also in line with his understanding of the role that he primarily had to make a career and study choice that corresponded to his male image.

“It has always been important to me that I can get on with my job Money to earn can. I wanted family and mine was clearthat my wife for that Education of the children is there."

Typical career

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At this point, Carsten was very proud of the work that had been achieved, and it was in the exercise the location can be read. In the early years, the main focus for men was on the important market criteria, which Carsten mastered excellently. But he had emphasized one component of his calling and cultivated a rather unbalanced self-image.

As his children own first ways went, his wife developed her own and new professional Perspektive. Until now, his wife had been the person who had encouraged him in his professional advancement. In addition, she protected him from the worries of the children and managed the household. With regard to the other areas of his life, one could say that Carsten would therefore achieve very low scores in personality tests in the other components.

With the WLSMethod you can take a test to determine your personal location. Now it's time to evaluate the test in 4 steps.

1. Step:

Add the scores of your statements to the W + L + S components. Transfer the scores to the following table and determine the ranking that indicates which component is most distinctive:

  1. W:
  2. L:
  3. S:

2. Step:

You have sensed in your statements that all three components have a strong connection to each other. A lived vocation can never be separated from one of the three components. If one is neglected, sooner or later one of the other components will follow - and vice versa.

What does the score say?

A score on 30 makes it clear that this component is not only fulfilled in your practical life. You also feel the gratitude and joy of this very important vocation.

A score under 20 makes it clear that some important aspects of this vocabulary component are not met. It is likely that these statements are also important stress points, which you must continue to do.

How do I deal with low scores?

For this reason, the exercise for determining the location does Sinn, so as not to rash about a professional Reorientation to think. You may realize at this point that a change would still be too early. This can be especially the case if you get a very low score on your statements about the component “Life” have identified.

A possible reason for this is an illness or a current psychological stress. In such cases, I give interested parties the productto seek accompanying medical or therapeutic help. In any case, it is necessary for the course that you can develop access to positive feelings. In the event of a serious illness, I advise postponing the start of a new professional life.

Caution should also be exercised in the case of a very low score in the “Work” component. First, talk to an expert advisor about your economic and/or professional situation. Stressful relationships Workplace can, for example, affect performance to such an extent that in an emergency fast the question of one career change is provided.

3. Step:

In all other cases, your location determination should have encouraged you to enter the workshop.

Select the components:

For each component, select the score with the lowest score. If you have given the lowest score in one component for multiple statements, select the statement that is currently most heavily loaded. Proceed in the same way, if you only want to optimize your professional situation. This will be the case if you have assigned the score 4 and more for a component.

You have now marked three statements. Here you see either one Problemthat's burning under your nails, or an optimization point. Please enter a key word for the statement in the following table.

For example:

For component S you marked the following statement as a stressful problem or optimization topic: "I feel motivated and committed in my work." In any case, the course will be about your Motivation zu increase. Your keyword can be: “not (enough) motivated”.

4. Step:

Your change process is closely linked to your three themes (problem or optimization point). Therefore, start with the determined intention of making an encouraging wish for each of the three components forms. In our example, the encouraging wish could be: “I develop more motivation every day!”

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