How to realize that the external presentation is a lived corporate culture and not just staging? And how can Companys score with authenticity in applicants? 5 tips.

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Employer Branding: How companies present themselves best

Companies nowadays present themselves in a variety of channels in different media, with an insight into the business activities for Candidate, customers or interested parties before the first contact light is possible.

Logically, employers try especially in the Employees– and Applicant Approach to highlight the positives and benefits that should persuade the viewer to further engage and connect with the company. However, some features reveal in advance whether a company's presence in its social media channels, brochures or websites is credible and realistic.

With authenticity and credibility to the right candidate

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In general, a company can convince potential applicants if it guarantees an honest and realistic insight into everyday work and business life. Of course, we always try to find an optimal one within the framework of various communication measures and channels, such as brochures, websites or social media Presentation to create and to emphasize the advantages as an employer. However, it is always important not to falsify reality and create false impressions - above all, credibility and authenticity are key elements for an excellent impression and long-term loyalty to the company.

Especially if there is interest in the company and one Application is taken into account, information about thinking, acting and the lived values ​​around the actually arising Tasks important criteria in day-to-day work. These allow interested parties to compare whether they fit a company and whether they can imagine a job.

Tips for employer branding: 5 features authentic employer brands

Certain features of the external presence can be seen as indicators of a credible and honest representation of the corporate culture:

1. Reviews, employee reviews and social networks

Statements made by employees about the company are particularly reliable. Whether in testimonial videos on the company's own platforms or in reviews on various social networks such as LinkedIn or Xing, (former) employees can report on their experiences and opinions on the company. In such statements, company values ​​and everyday life are conveyed more credibly than in any other format.

In addition, the participation of employees in such formats speaks for the joy of work and loyalty to the company and shows that employees like working there if they talk freely and easily about their work. At the same time, the company pushes so Esteem towards his employees because it is theirs Opinions appreciate and take into account. In addition, reports from employees support the messages conveyed to the outside world and confirm the values ​​conveyed, as presented in campaigns or slogans.

2. Pictures taken from everyday business life Stock Photos

For applicants, it is often a deterrent to be attracted to pictures that do not correspond to the actual workplace situation. What are really interested are soft factors on the corporate philosophy and culture, which is why images from everyday business life, team events or events are a lot more enlightening.

These can not usually be placed and are able to capture the mood and transport.

3. Special features of the company instead of standard expressions

Standard phrases can be found in almost every job advertisement, even on career pages, companies often advertise services to their employees, which can no longer convince.

Instead, actual unique selling points must be communicated that can show what benefits the employer offers.

4. The joy of dialogue makes the difference

In particular, thanks to the digital possibilities of Web 2.0, it is fast Communication in real time with prospects and potential applicants via social media easily possible. Accordingly, a company should also use the opportunity to access the Ask and interests of its target group.

The statements must of course also be made in a personal, direct way Conversation be supported and give a round picture.

5. Consistent appearance distinguishes reality from facade

If a company shows a consistent and permanent picture of itself, its performance and its employees over a long period of time and in the various channels such as social media, homepage or print products, this speaks for a reflected and honest one Appear. This gives potential applicants the decision facilitated for or against an employer.

In addition, a long-term communication strategy speaks for the ability to reflect and plan for the future, as not only short-term jobs are sought (keyword hire & fire), but really suitable employees are sought, with whom a loyal relationship can be established and mutually beneficial.

Conclusion: clear communication is the key

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Overall, the clearer the communication (both internally and externally), the fewer misunderstandings and obstacles there are in the Recruiting– and personnel marketing processes. Become Set, expectations and requirements from the company clear and clearly conveyed, the group of suitable applicants is already tightening up. This will although the selection of potential new employees or incoming applications Candidates for sure be that they fit the company.

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