Digitization opens up new opportunities for acquiring new customers. And they should Seller by combining proven sales skills with communicative skills of social media.

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First contact in the network

Today, almost a third of leads, i.e. contacts with potential new customers, are created online. Ascending trend. And that, although most of those involved in sales still have real networks clear prefer virtual platforms, according to a 2017 survey by network experts (www.netzwerk-experten.com).

Only a third of the approximately 5.000 managers surveyed and Executives medium-sized companies from the DACH region therefore considers virtual contact maintenance to be important. (Source: managerSeminars, March 2017). This is unfortunate, because it means that opportunities for digitization in sales are lost.

Combination of proven and new ways

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Today, customer acquisition works increasingly through a mix of social selling, customers-Profiling and 360-degree dialogue skills. This means proven sales skills, such as telephone and on-site acquisition, are combined with communicative skills in social media. For many sellers, the conscious and skillful use of the different communication and acquisition channels represents a challenge. Format and timing are decisive.

Here, tact is needed. Of course, it's much faster to write an email or social media message than get a decision maker on the phone. However, at some point in the evolving relationship, switching to direct, synchronous dialogue is much more effective. Otherwise, virtual contacts at this stage threaten to persist and not develop into real customers.

Simply the best!

For the study “Future of B2B Sales' surveyed by AT Kearney of 1.600 sales managers. Two-thirds of sales leaders believe that making it easy to offer and interact with customers will be vital for vendors. This places new demands on the relationship and information management of sales employees.

It is important to strengthen existing business relationships through virtual and personal contact maintenance and to bind the customer to himself and the company even after the purchase. This is where personal social media contacts and digital information and interaction offers come in Company in the game. A simple, clear and direct Communication strengthens and facilitates the relationship with one another without detours.

Turn customers into multipliers

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"After the purchase is before the purchase!" - this old salesman's wisdom is becoming more popular today Significance than ever. The impulse to buy again often comes from the digital media and the skilful Online-Relationship care off. Even so, sales shouldn't focus solely on colleague Internet and mature online marketing strategies.

If the regular personal Contact ensures a loyal customer relationship, then it will also be possible to turn customers into real fans. Such enthusiastic customers are multipliers of great value because they leave behind positive traces on the web – in the form of references, ratings and recommendations – and thus ensure new customer growth and a well-filled sales pipeline.

Data maintenance for effective planning

Digital Technology makes selling easier, even if some still don't want to admit it. But fortunately there are only a few sales representatives who think that all customer data is in the Head to have or hoard the visit reports in the basement. A well-maintained, up-to-date customer file and an up-to-date order history simplifies every customer visit and makes it significantly more effective.

Because most customers have long since done their digital homework in the form of cross-channel merchandise management systems. A good visit preparation with data analysis and goal definition makes it possible, as Adviser of the customer and at the same time to ensure mutual sales success. It's not just the individual customer visit that's more effective. Structured area management, paired with digital route planning, prevents loss of time and increases the territory penetration.

New fields of action

artificial Intelligence and market research data, such as a regional distribution of purchasing power in the sales area, which shows where the really interesting fields of activity for the area manager lie, thus facilitating targeted sales. New skills are clearly needed to access this treasure trove of data: The salesperson not only becomes a motivator and partner for the customer, but also an analyst and digital planner or project manager.

So it does for companies Sinn, old and new Competencies of sales and to identify fields of action in this way. Once identified, these can then be specifically addressed with strategic decisions and individual sales training and sales coaching. A major milestone and success on the way to “Fit for Sales - Today and Tomorrow!”.

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