Cultural fit means the optimal fit of employees to the corporate culture. It's more than a feeling: scientific models help with that Implementation.

Cultural Fit Recruiting: Find the perfect employee with the Riemann-Thomann model

The advantages of cultural fit recruiting

When the storm rages, it's more important than ever to have the right people on board. Winning this is like walking a tightrope in many companies. On the one hand, the team should have a high level of diversity in order to be innovative and competitive, on the other hand, everything has to fit under one roof.

cultural fit Recruiting wins against it Significance. The advantages are obvious: If it is possible to map the corporate culture and Candidate to match it, exactly those can be set that really belong to the company and the Strategy fit.

How do you define a corporate culture?

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However, as experience shows, it is difficult to raise culture. Among other things, it is characterized by the fact that it influences our thinking and Behavior shaped and influenced in the unconscious. So a model is needed that captures these under-the-radar currents.

Additional Problem: Pure personality models are the complexity that develops when People start interacting with each other, not fair. Fortunately, there is a model that, on the one hand, has roots in depth psychology, but is also suitable for the Team– and organizational development.

The Riemann-Thomann model: history and background

In a 1961 study, Fritz Riemann proved that our behavior is shaped by four fundamental fears. He orientated himself on two elementary dimensions to which we are all constantly subject: space and time. As he was able to show, our individual relationship to these dimensions shapes our values, paradigms and our behavior in critical situations.

After the approach had been used in the clinical field for more than 25 years, Christoph Thomann transferred it to the Consulting and thus developed the Riemann-Thomann model. It was subsequently transferred to organizational development, leadership psychology and cross-cultural research by various psychologists and social psychologists.

Building the model: The poles of human psychology

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From the Orientation in space and time there are two axes, each with two poles. These describe four different aspirations that people follow. Important: We all strive towards each of the four poles, but with different strengths. The more extreme the orientation towards a pole, the greater the potential in this area, but also the potential for conflict with other areas.

proximity and distance

In relation to life in space, the axis of demarcation is formed with the poles of proximity and Distance. I can either connect with others and try to create something together, or withdraw and do my own thing.

duration and change

In relation to life in time, the axis of calculability results with the poles of duration and change. I can strive for stability and security or surrender to the flow of life and just try to make the best of the current situation.

Implementation of the Riemann-Thomann model in 3 steps

But how does the transfer to recruiting succeed? 3 steps help with:

1. Location of the boss and the executives

To new Employees To recruit according to the existing culture, the current culture must first be known. The first thing you see is the entrepreneur. His personality, values ​​and ideas shape the company and the behavior of its employees.

If he was located, they will follow Executives and the culture-defining field of Company becomes visible. Important: This is not about equality! Otherwise the necessary diversity and friction from which something new can arise is missing. Important to know: If managers deviate from the entrepreneur, that is exactly right!

2. The home areas of different realms

Different departments in the company follow different ones Tasks and Set. For example, if the entrepreneur is a dynamic, innovative change type, then the conservative permanent type from finance compensates him and helps to hold the company together, while the cuddly permanent close colleague from the HR makes sure it doesn't get too chilly or flighty.

At this point will clearthat every area in the company has its typical home area in the model. If you are aware of this, it is easier to recruit new employees to match their task in the company and less on the basis of sympathy and similarity, as is often the case.

3. Employees and the levels of daily interaction

Now the employees of the various departments are located and thus the team fields/subcultures of the Organization pictured.

This covers the level of daily interaction and new applicants can be matched to the entrepreneur, to the Character their department, team field and direct manager.

Technical qualification remains important!

Incidentally, cultural fit recruiting with the Riemann-Thomann model does not replace the matching of professional ones qualification. It complements this and provides an insight into the underlying disposition of the applicants.

Another advantage: The model can integrate aspects of team and organizational development that occur over time during development.

Conclusion: The importance of the Riemann-Thomann model for recruiting

For example, Applicant A is accepted because he fits better into the currently distant and conformist team. However, if this team is to become more service-oriented and dynamic as part of a strategic alignment, employee B should be preferred, since he already embodies the target state and thus helps to develop the team in the desired direction.

In this way, as part of a strategic realignment of the organization, individual activities, tasks and the resulting positions in the System located in order to then compare them with the original imprints of existing employees or new applicants.

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