The competition is strong and fierce - which is why the comparison to nail design is not that far-fetched. The fact is that one successfully in the Job starts, the ideas and creativity brings along as an addition to the experience gained.


Social Media Manager - what is such a challenge?

The constant discussion about the job profile of social media manager shows clearthat his area of ​​responsibility is still vague. The standardization of this job profile is perhaps one of the greatest challenges in the world Online-Marketing.

When I recently asked myself what I thought was the biggest challenge in onlinemarketing, I answered truthfully that it was the upcoming standardization of the professional image of social media managers. My conversation partner was surprised and had apparently expected a different result.

A job profile without a fixed framework

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Basically, we have a professional image, which has neither a fixed framework nor such a content. Social media managers are not often referred to as egg-laying milks, because they are required to do just that.

However, the reality is different as many are responsible for taking care of the Facebookappearances of her customers are responsible. Unfortunately, one has to say that they are not social media at all - but Facebookmanager.

This example shows the need for inclusion and exclusion of Tasks and activities to better differentiate between bloggers, Facebook- and social media manager.

Social media or facebook-Manager

That shouldn't really surprise anyone anymore, but this post will still make waves again. Why? Because many, stepped on their toes feel, if your employer mainly Facebook makes and therefore other doors are not possible.

Dear Readers, do not worry: It's not about putting you in a worse position, just supporting your position so that your job gets easier and you can not be deducted for tasks that are not yours.

The standardization of a job description - why?

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On the one hand, do not even understand Companyswhat exactly they are looking for. While in advertising departments the separation between content and marketing (ie monitoring) is very clear, companies do not seem to take that step and often limit social media to being there.

It has long been about more. The point is that there are experts who are familiar with their field. Social media is still the entirety of the technically supported Communication And so it is time for specialists to identify themselves as such and experts to be recognized as such.

Start your career successfully as an expert

If you want to start your career successfully, you should therefore make the following considerations:

An expert is only with satisfied customers

Vocational Training goes through and follows the lecturer and his learning tasks without ideas, it will have a hard time later - no matter how good the training was. The expert is always the one with the satisfied customers - and not the one with a satisfied self-perception.

The basic rule is: you can't do it without practice. Those who only start after the training, their own Competencies to develop, he will have to do a lap of honor: The market craves for qualified workers with practice and ideas.

Demanded: clear concepts and creative ideas

These can not be replaced by a previous professional life: clear concepts and colorful ideas for marketing measures are in all companies in addition to usability and customer service in the first place.

The work of many social media managers shows, however, that this is by no means self-evident: everyone knows a well-known account with its orientation one is dissatisfied. Theory and vitamin B may have been helpful career factors, but the idea is the only one in the social web.

And you're out: requirements for a successful career

If you don't deliver good content and interact with users, you'll get your job done faster verlieren than he can think. Therefore, at the beginning of the decision For or against social media, there is also the question of whether the requirements (constant availability, extreme communicativeness and high interaction density incl. Stress) really to Personality fit himself.

Anyone who answers these points with YES will not become one even after the training Problems so that you can find your way in the job market and get a great job with varied experiences. At least there is currently a demand.

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