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3X Top

German Top10 Blog & Publisher Sea Blogger Relevance Index & Zimpel. Top 1 rankings on Google for relevant search terms. Top 50 positions in the bestseller lists of The Amazon.

6X Media

Reach cross-media readers & customers: Books, Magazine, Online media, eLearning On Demand Academy & social media. We also design special trips.

100X Social

Community: We use over 100 social media channels for customers, including pages, topic groups, discussion forums & business networks, such as LinkdedIn, Facebook, Instagram & Xing.


Social media reach: So far we have reached an average of more than 65 million social media shares, likes and comments.

804 Readers

Over 40 million reader views: Overall, our media have an average of 20.000+ readers daily. Our most-read texts have reached more than 100.000 readers. 

104 storys

Thousands of topics in magazines & online as well as hundreds of books & eCourses: The content is featured as snippets in search engines, and stars give it more attention.

500 heads

Internationally known authors from TV, politics, business, science: You can always find yourself on the top bestseller lists (Spiegel etc.) & as advisors to heads of state.

5% climate

Active climate protection: We invest 5% of our sales proceeds in sustainable commitment, for example by donating scholarships together with the Federal Ministry of Education & Research or by supporting start-ups and sustainable projects. Further information.

4 Minutes

dwell time: Our online readers take an average of 4 minutes to read our articles, in our other media the time is significantly longer.

20 years

More than 20 years of experience in online marketing & corporate publishing - for clients such as Samsung, Coca Cola, o2 or Olympus.


All topic groups

Crossmedia offer: Our 4 core target groups

We have identified 4 core target groups for our cross-media offer as readers and customers for our media and products, for which we systematically create content in the advice section of the blog, in the academy and in the publishing house (books & magazines) as well as in social media and these accordingly color code.

Manager & Employer

Our recipients include federal ministries, board members & top managers of DAX companies and institutions - including companies like Microsoft or Siemens, IBM, Bertelsmann, Würth, SAP or Daimler. We have for government agencies and companies such as Samsung, OTTO, Randstad (References) We are also partners of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the ZEIT publishing house and accompany media events with celebrities such as Barack Obama.

Our readers and customers are important employers and decision-makers from the highest management levels as well as from human resources, communication, marketing, further education and consulting. You are quality-conscious and committed with a keen interest in technology, recruiting, careers, business and lifestyle

Leaders & innovators

Best of HR –® sets trends in the media and is also relevant for people who are innovators looking for inspiration and business ideas. we influence media reports and opinions, were mentioned several times in the Wikipedia references and will detectable by media representatives such as ARD, Spiegel Online, Welt, DRadio Wissens, ZEIT, Wirtschaftswoche or the science department of NDR television and used for research.

By reception in the media, in university publications and textbooks, by lectures among others at Deutsche Bahn, Bundeswehr o. Various universities and through the organization of international Events the blog multiplies its reach.

Career climber

Lots of people trust Best of HR –®when it comes to your own career. You are specifically looking for information that promotes personal progress and further development.

Trust that pays off: the publisher Best of HR –® is funded by the state for individual projects and also by Professoren and university representatives as well as by institutions and universities recommended.

Our newsletter is subscribed to by Press and Information Office of the Federal Government. These include the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, the Berlin University of Applied Sciences and the Heinrich Böll Foundation.

Young Professionals

Best of HR –® is made explicitly by ZEIT ONLINE recommended for young professionals and offers extensive material on topics such as application, job search, career entry, career orientation and high potentials.

We are also committed to the interests of skilled workers and were, for example, at one ARD report through the mediation of interlocutors and research. With our institute, we also offer young people financial support in the form of a Scholarship.

The publisher also works internationally and offers texts in English language which allows us to significantly increase the reach of our texts, books and eCourses.

What forms of advertising are there?

Individual partnerships, sponsorship and advertising inquiries

You want to make your brand more comprehensive and unique in the media? Then we should talk about an individual cooperation.

We would be happy to make you an individual offer for the development of a corresponding cooperation. Please write to: Redaktion [at]

We offer our readers that in detail

We help our readers and customers to find the information they are looking for even faster! Here you will find an overview of our additional offers.

  • Sweepstakes: We offer selected cooperation partners the opportunity to present their products to readers in the form of a prize draw. You can find more information about this here .
  • Books and actions: New books with regular discounts and promotions in our Book publisher.
  • Customizable eCourses: We offer you an eLearning-on-Demand offer for download in our Academy. Or we can put together your course exclusively for you if you wish.
  • Thousands of new jobs every day: Find your new employer in our intelligent Job Market.
  • Best of HR news tickers: We offer a regular overview of the latest news from HR media and blogs.
  • Current trade fair overview: We give you an overview of the most important ones Job and HR trade fairs.
  • Daily new background information and tips: You can find a lot more information in our Guide.

Unsolicited Mail

Please send us Test equipment, product samples and review copies not without prior consultation. This applies in particular to:

  • Books
  • Catalogs and similar printed matter
  • Food of every kind
  • nice meant giveaways
  • Others

Receipt and storage incur high costs, which we unfortunately have to pay for €50 per shipment.

Please do not send us any press releases as we see them as undesirably sent advertisements and follow the legal consequences.

Banners can be booked in different sizes and at different locations. We offer advertisements and sponsors numerous marketing opportunities - exclusively: at a fixed monthly price. Banner links and links contained in editorial advertising are always provided with the attribute rel=”nofollow”!

At Linktausch- or Affiliate-Angebote we are not interested. Corresponding inquiries are considered spam - with all legal consequences!

High-quality editorial articles, reviews and product reviews

We offer you the opportunity to reach your target group with editorial contributions. A sponsored post, so-called native advertising, is a marked sponsored guest post, an editorial contribution or an interview Best of HR –®.de, which, unlike the advertorial, is not a flat advertising text, but must meet high quality standards and offer added value for the reader. Some examples at a glance: