There are many conference locations, but only a few offer cooking courses and special gourmet creations. An overview.

Best of HR –®

1. MICE location in the museum: meeting between exhibits and a Viking menu

Best of HR –®

One of my favorite museums worldwide is the Danish National Museum - mainly because of its exhibits from the Viking Age. The museum is currently promoting a special exhibition at this time, which was opened by Queen Margaret of Denmark. But right next to the exhibits, the museum offers a number of interesting event and meeting venues.

Exceptional exhibits

The current Viking exhibition was organized in cooperation with the British Museum and the Museum of Prehistory and Early History in the German capital. Center point is the longest Viking ship in the world Welt, which was found in the fjord off Roskilde.

But apart from this special exhibition, which will later be seen in other cities as well, the National Museum offers some world-famous exhibits, such as the Trundholm sun car or the Jellinge stone.

Best of HR –®
Best of HR –®

Exceptional seminar and event location

And in the middle of these extraordinary exhibits is an extraordinary even-location. The Grand Hall of the Museum offers space for 150 people, standing even 200.

After 17 you can also rent the foyer for events, as well as a cinema for demonstrations and several small meeting rooms for 20-30 people.

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Beamer, audio-video systems and live conferencing

The historical courtyard of the museum is also available for events. The space in which the Viking special exhibition is currently located can also be used for events.

The museum provides all the equipment and Technology from beamers and projectors to lecterns and audio-video systems through to Internet available. Live video transmissions and conferences are also possible.

Best of HR –®
Best of HR –®

Special Viking menus

The Catherine is taken over by the restaurant, which on request offers so-called Viking themes, very special, Viking-inspired menus, for which only those already existing ingredients are used.

That is also during the opening hours the museum guests must then just come back later or sit outside. Apart from this, the restaurant has space to serve 400 people.

Best of HR –®

Coma parties and heavy metal concerts

Before 10 years, the museum has begun to open its premises for events. Currently, it handles about 10 events per week.

This includes not only seminars, conferences, Meetings or receptions but also so-called coma parties in the large entrance hall or heavy metal concerts in the inner courtyard.

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A way to make money

When I asked if they didn't fear for the safety of the exhibits with such a clientele, arrangement coordinator Anette Nielsen just shrugged. The exhibits are in other rooms. That's just one way Money close.

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The prices depend on the booked room and the number of hours. As a rule, the guests pay per hour. However, there are specially bookable Pacckages. If the museum is booked for one day, a room is usually opened. In general you can count 150 per person and day.

2. Cooking course with the star chef: Meetings and culinary delights in the Althoff Seehotel Überfahrt

Althoffs Seehotel Überfahrt am Tegernsee is known far beyond the borders of Bavaria for its 3 Michelin star restaurant run by chef Christian Jürgens. But the hotel still has something to offer when it comes to conferences and service clear more to offer.

Best of HR –®


123 Zimmer and 53 Suiten own the 2001 built hotel that Rottach-Eggern is located directly on the Tegernsee.

The building is, according to the wishes of the mayor, rather modern, integrated for my taste but very nice in the overall picture of the place - even if, as you can see various media reports, many locals see differently.

Best of HR –®
Best of HR –®


The house looks back on a long history: A farm on the Egener Strand near Hoissen has been documented since 1427;

Today it is still possible to cross over from the Seehotel Überfahrt to the Point peninsula at the narrowest part of the Tegernsee, the entrance to the Egener Bay.

Best of HR –®
Best of HR –®


The first tourist rooms were built on 1892, and 1903 was the site of the famous theater hall, where pieces by Ludwig Ganghofer and Ludwig Thoma were premiered.

As you enter the spacious lobby, the bright, tall glass windows let in plenty of light and provide great views of the lake - a big plus of the hotel, shared by the rooms and suites as well as some of the 7 function rooms.

Best of HR –®
Best of HR –®


For example, the crossing rooms, 3 meeting rooms, which can be combined on 330qm and allow up to 250 guests unrestricted views of the lake. A surrounding terrace is available for further activities.

Or the 10.000 square meter Ludwig-Thoma-Saal equipped with 224 Swarowski crystals and the 30 square meter library on the 3rd floor for smaller meetings. In May 2005 the Bilderberg conference took place in the hotel.

Best of HR –®
Best of HR –®

culinary delights

But what would meetings be without appropriate culinary art? For example, in the Genusswerkstatt, where groups can learn how to cook, for example, with star chef Christian Jürgens or chef de cuisine Walter Leufen. In fact, cuisine plays an important role here:

In addition to the 3-star restaurant Überfahrt with 40 seats, there is also “Die Egerner Bucht” with 108 seats and alpine cuisine as well as the Italian restaurant il Barcaiolo with 90 seats. In addition, the small Bayernstube with 30 seats and the outside, only in summer open Fährhütte 14 with 50 seats, which can also be booked for events.

Best of HR –®
Best of HR –®

Spa and service

In addition to the large 3000 sqm SPA area with a correspondingly long pool - the work on the skylight glazing, the glass dome and the glass of the pool hall led in the year 2000 the artist Thierry Boissel - offers the crossing but also something for a successful meeting or an event is at least as important:

An outstanding service where the Employees think for themselves and even read unspoken wishes from the eyes of their guests. Therefore a recommendable hotel.

Best of HR –®
Best of HR –®

3. Meet and slow down in the footsteps of Sisi: La Maiena Meran Resort, Marling, South Tyrol

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Best of HR –®

Empress Sisi has made a name for the spa town of Merano, nowadays the La Maiena Meran Resort offers up-to-date hotel concepts such as special prices for singles with children or a completely vegan menu. And it is also suitable for smaller meetings.

Merano - city with a long history

Meran looks back on a long history, 2017 is the city 700 years old. The South Tyrolean spa town, however, was known as the end of the 19. Century by the Austrian Empress Elizabeth, who was here four times. Even today a statue and a walkway remind us of the prominent visitor. Overall, Meran offers a lot of attractions, the old town, the Kurhaus and the market, but the touristic effect of the city is a bit dusty.

Luckily, above Meran, in Marling, there are hotels like the La Maiena Meran Resort that provide its guests with a modern Concept wants to convince.

Best of HR –®
Best of HR –®

The La Maiena Meran Resort

At first sight, the view is amazing: surrounded by apple orchards, palm trees and cypresses, you can look over the roofs of Meran and the snow-capped mountains of the Texel group. You can enjoy the view of the balcony of your room, the roof terrace of the new meran lodge opened in April 2017, or swimming in the 32 degree of warm and 26 meter-long infinity pool.

in the Eye The tasteful, modern design in the brand colors of the hotel also stands out, with which details including water vessels were also lovingly designed.

Originally founded in 1964 as a wine bar and nightclub, the house was taken over by the Family Waldner expanded into a wellness hotel with 72 rooms (prices from 136 euros per person/day). From November 2016 to April 2017, the new construction of the meran lodge took place with 14 spacious new luxury suites and 3 new luxury penthouse suites, all suitable for families with children's rooms (prices from 160 euros per person/day).

Best of HR –®
Best of HR –®

Hotels also for singles with child

The hotel also offers childcare all year round and, on request, special packages for singles with children - a contemporary option Idea, which are far too rarely found in hotels.

Also new is the saunas with Finnish events and the largest naked pool in South Tyrol. Highly recommended is a massage treatment in the spa area. A link connects the two houses of the hotel.

Best of HR –®
Best of HR –®

culinary delights

Three restaurants for up to 154 guests can be found in the hotel, including a 1982 stone vault. The cuisine of Andre Kassin, which has also been honored with the Premi Godio (South Tyrol's restaurant of the year), Veronelli, Michelin and gourmet, was really convincing.

He creates every evening, beside the traditional 5 course menu, a multi-course, calorie-reduced, vegan vitality menu, which tastes great without any extra charge.

Best of HR –®

Meetings and activities

The main chain of the hotel are active connoisseurs and families, but it is also always booked for events, meetings and conferences. The hotel can then the technology as beamer, screen and a comparatively well functioning WLAN available. For special events, the hotel has its own alpine pasture, the Flatscherhof, for up to 50 persons.

For individual guests as well as groups, there are also various activities and excursions in the region: climbing, rafting, canyoning or, for example, hiking on the relativ light walkable irrigation channels, on the Vigiljoch or in the Hizer area. Since the Vinschgau railway with the Marlengo train station is right in front of the front door, you can easily take your bike with you on the train and, for example, easily cycle 65 km back from Malz.

Best of HR –®
Best of HR –®


Finally there are also four golf courses in the immediate vicinity to 40 KM, among others in Lana and Meran, ten golf courses in the region are within easy reach. The Sasion runs from the beginning of April to the late autumn and with the Golfcard South Tyrol discounts are possible.

Recommended for visits, but also for meetings, are the gardens of Schloss Trautmannsdorf, which have been awarded 2013 as International Garden of the Year and belong to 400.000 visitors annually to South Tyrol's most visited destinations. The 2001 opened gardens in 12 ha area on 80 garden landscapes, eg miniature forests from America and Asia or water and terraced gardens. The visitor center also offers meeting rooms for meetings.

Best of HR –®
Best of HR –®

4. Meetings and incentives in the chocolate hotel: design in the jungle


In the middle of the jungle of St. Lucia, a British chocolate maker operates a hotel and chocolate plantation, which is also part of the cooperation of design hotels. Groups can also learn how to make chocolate here. The hotel does not live up to its ethical and ecological standards in every way.

For love of chocolate

The Hotel Chocolat was founded by British chocolatier Angus Thirlwell, his business partner Peter Harris, 2004. The passion for chocolate was put into the cradle of Thirlwell: he spent most of his time in the Caribbean and eats chocolate every day.

The basic idea of ​​his Company: Thirlwell not only wanted to produce chocolate but also grow it himself, making him one of the few chocolatiers in the world to make his own ingredients and sell them in his own shops in England, Copenhagen or New York. So far, the company has no branches in Germany.


Chocolate plantation and workshop for the guests

A small chocolate plant is located right next to the hotel and can also be visited by the guests, who will get insights into how to plan and pick cocoa beans. It is also a workshop where groups can learn how to grind cocoa beans and make their own chocolate from them.

However, the main production site for chocolate is in Ghana. And: Until now, the cocoa beans had to be sent to Hamburg for further processing. Not really sustained. The company is currently in the process of building a factory on the island that will enable direct on-site processing. It is scheduled to open in 2014 as the first chocolate factory in the Caribbean.


Ecological and Ethical?

In general, the hotel is very ethical and ecological: The six lodges (42 square meters) and eight luxury lodges (70 square meters) impress with a simple, you could almost say Spartan furnishings.

In fact, you feel in the system very close to nature, almost in the middle of the jungle, there is even a rain forest shower under the open sky. The furniture is said to have been produced locally. There is, unusually for this region, no air conditioning, only fans - also because the rain forest donates enough coolness. “Even at night, guests sometimes ask for blankets,” says manager Lorna Francis.


Solar power only for exterior lighting

The hotel uses solar power for the outdoor lighting, but the lodges continue to rely on conventional ones Energy, because in hurricane season it is less prone to failure, as Francis says.

The hotel also supports 200 cocoa farmers on the island: it guarantees to take the entire crop at prices above the market price and supports the farmers through high-quality seedlings and technical assistance.



Fairtrade is unnecessary?

Nevertheless, the company is profit-oriented, it doesn't have a fair trade label: “We pay good prices,” explains Lorna Francis, so fair trade is simply unnecessary. And it's about chocolate too sell: "Who benefits if nobody buys the chocolate afterwards?" ask her.

In February 2011 opened the Boucan Restaurant, the world's first cocoa fusion restaurant. The food is good, but the constant presence of chocolate for example in the salad or meat sauce is a matter of taste. It is always interesting.


Rooms and meeting locations

From 400 US dollar costs one double room per night with breakfast. All rooms have views of the Pitons, a world heritage site of Unesco, and have an iPod docking station with prelistened playlists and free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel.

However, there is no meeting room or equipment, the covered restaurant can be used as a location. In any case, groups have to book the entire hotel and stay at least five days – like a British one Company last April. Due to the small size of the hotel, booking a year in advance is recommended.


Spa with chocolate treatments

The hotel has below the restaurant a comparatively small pool and a spa, where, it is surprising, also chocolate applications are offered.

Because the hotel is 300 meters above the seaspiegel There is a daily shuttle service to Soufriere, from where guests can take the hotel's own speedboat to various beaches. The town of Soufriere or the nearby Sulfur Springs, hot sulfur springs, are recommended for further excursions.


5. Gourmet seminars with the star chef: Le Manoir Du Lys, Normandy

In Normandy, almost hidden away, is a special gem for meeting guests: a hotel with a star restaurant, which also offers its guests cookery courses, all at very reasonable prices.


Art Deco in the forest with a hunter lodge and forest pavilions

About three hours west of Paris, in Normandy, lies the small town of Bagnoles de l'Orne: in the middle of a forest, villas with multicolored Art Deco facades appear almost out of nowhere: Bagnoles de l'Orne was one of the most glamorous health resorts with visitors from the French aristocracy or artists like Alexandre Dumas.

The place was and is also known for hunting. Today he is looking for his calling in the accommodation of wellness travelers, seminar and business guests. The horse racing track, among other things, still bears witness to the glamorous times. One of these elegant hotels, a little out of the way, is the 4-star Manoir Du Lys, which is part of the Relais Du Silence hotel cooperation.

Originally founded as a hunter's lodge, the hotel now offers 23 rooms and seven extremely luxurious suites, which are called “forest pavilions” and are equipped with every conceivable comfort, including shutters that close at the push of a button. Prices range from 99 euros for a double room to 250 euros for a suite.


Cooking classes with the star chef

Because the hotel is already waiting 15 years with a special treat on:Executive Franck Quinton was awarded a Michelin star. His cuisine is deeply rooted in the region and convinces with regional and seasonal ingredients.

However, Franck Quinton cooks not only for his guests, but shows groups in their own cooking classes, how to do it - for example, in special themed cooking events that deal with about foie gras or wild boar. TheCourses are suitable for 12-15 persons. Thus, the Manoir Du Lys offers a real Unicum.

The highlights include the champions' weekends, which take place every year from September to November and can be booked as an event for meeting groups: the guests first go to the forest to pick mushrooms under expert guidance. Then the star chef explains the tasty preparation and then implements it together with the guests. In the end there is shared consumption.


Seminar rooms and packages

The seminar rooms are also equipped with the necessary equipment such as flipchart, projector, screen, TV and DVD player. The WLAN quality is good, however, different networks in the rooms and in the main house make the registration process unnecessarily complicated.

For seminar are various, relatively cheap package prices offered, about 55 Euro per person / day for the use of space and two coffee breaks up to 170 Euro per person / day including accommodation in a single room, two coffee breaks, breakfast and dinner. The full price list can be found on the website - unfortunately only in French.

Smaller groups can also be accommodated inexpensively in the Hotel o Gayot, which is owned by the same owners. The two-star hotel is located in the center of Bagnoles de l'Orne and starts at 60 euros per night. The food is also very good.


Activities: World cultural heritage and historical port cities

In addition, the hotel and the surrounding area offer numerous other activities. There is, for example, a large outdoor pool and a small indoor pool, a tennis court and a 9-hole golf course. You can also go cycling, horse riding or hiking. Groups can also come to the hunt by prior arrangement.

In Normandy, however, you can also marvel at extraordinary things: In fact, the region has a lot to offer despite its remoteness: It is not too far from the famous Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey: the church, which has been built on the mountain since the 10th century, is UNESCO world cultural heritage. Here you can see the rush of visitors, especially in the summer months fast become too much, but you are compensated by the grandiose crypts and halls of the monument built into the mountain over several centuries. It was not for nothing that it was one of the most extensive, most difficult and most expensive construction projects of the entire Middle Ages. The surrounding restaurants are also recommended and a lot cheaper than Mont St. Michel itself. The beaches of the bay, which in contrast to Mont St.Michel are almost deserted even in July, are worth a visit as they offer a magnificent view of the building.

On the way to Mont St. Michel, a detour to the historic port town of Granville is recommended, as is a visit to the Ecomusee de la Baie Du Mont-Saint-Michel in Vans, where groups can also book numerous activities. One of them is, for example, a walk through the bay of Mont St. Michel at low tide, another a fishing tour where you can collect mussels, oysters and shellfish, also on foot, and finally you can learn how to extract salt under the guidance of a guide. Finally, Villedieu les Poeles is known as the city of copper and dates back to the 12th century. The last bell foundry in France is also located here.



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