Social media are trendy. Facebook, Twitter and Co. have the worldwide Communication revolutionized and have become an integral part of our everyday life. No wonder, that Companys meanwhile increasingly use this trend - and that also various diverse further training providers on this trend jump.

social media manager

Why social media professionals are important to companies

It has never been more important for companies to have their finger on the pulse than it is today. Who Facebook and does not actively use Twitter for his company, falls into the internet affinity Society of the twenty-first century fast in Oblivion.

Therefore, it is essential for companies to expand their corporate communications to social media and to continuously improve their presence. But many companies ignore this trend and seem to be satisfied with traditional marketing methods. A fallacy, because who does not pay attention here, can quickly be sidelined.

Targeted marketing without scattering losses

The books on the subject (advertising)

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When evaluating products and services, users no longer pay attention to the reference lists on the company's websites. Much more important are the number of likes and comments on the facebook- or Twitter pages. you suggest Trust and spiegeln satisfied customer feedback.

If you do it cleverly, you can promote your own product or the service offered through active social media management Everyday life of consumers integrate and the customer retention Strengthen without wastage.

Problems and dissatisfaction can be discovered and eliminated more quickly. The vertical corporate communication is shortened and optimized - always taking into account the viral effect of a well-done contribution or video, the distribution of which by the fans of the site can take on far greater dimensions and proceed faster than, for example, classic poster advertising can ever achieve.

How remote universities and universities react to the trend

Universities and universities have responded to the trend and offer further training in the area of ​​social media management. As well as the ILS or the Fernakademie for adult education in Hamburg.

Both the ILS (Institute for Learning Systems) and the Fernakademie für Erwachsenenbildung in Hamburg (Germany) are among Germany's largest telecommu- nications schools and offer state-approved further training to social media managers.

Extent of the distance learning

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The distance learning at both distance learning schools extends over a total of 12 months and prepares the participants in extensive Online-Tutorials on the independent use of various social media channels in your own company. If you want to take more time, you can extend the study period by 6 more months free of charge.

It is important that both institutes manage without the use of face-to-face seminars and that Study can therefore be completed comfortably from home. For the processing of the 13 study brochures, as well as the online tutorials, you should expect a workload of about 8 hours per week.

Without attendance, but not quite cheap

Unfortunately the distance study with a monthly rate of 139,00 € per month is not quite favorable. However, there are various possibilities for funding the federal government and the Länder such as the BAföG, or the state education vouchers, which can be used to finance the distance learning program.

You can find more information about theCourses offered on the website of the Fernhochschule or

Other social media trainings

However, the two distance learning courses are not the only social media training courses: institutions such as the IHK, the German Press Academy, the Grundig Academy or the Cologne University of Applied Sciences offer partial on-the-job training.

In addition to German providers, there are also providers in Switzerland, for example at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences or the Swiss Training Center for Marketing, advertising and communication Further training in the field of social media.

Top books on the subject

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