A resignation is one decision, which should be well thought out. A change can Solution be in order to feel comfortable again at work feel. What does the “perfect termination” look like? How do you resign without hassle and with a clear conscience?

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Successful job change: Announce a clean start and a good start

Who a few years ago had a flawless Curriculum vitae wanted to show, completed well-founded vocational training, then climbed the career ladder in the training company and stayed in the same for 30 years Company.

But what if the job no longer poses any challenges? If the Tasks no Fun do or the working atmosphere is no longer right? Often the only thing that helps is resignation and a job change. Nowadays, this is no longer a rarity, and is even viewed positively by more and more companies. Through a change, we develop further and gain different experiences, from which a new employer also benefits. However, resigning should not be an impulsive decision that you make overnight. So what does a successful job change look like?

Termination? Yes or no?

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First of all, an employee should be aware of where they stand professionally, what they have achieved in the past and which ones Set he is committed to further professional life. The question that needs to be answered: Does the current professional situation meet mine needs?

Will she come with me? No answers or if the job no longer offers any challenges, this is very likely the right time to set off Job Search and a resignation. Pros and cons lists can be helpful when assessing the current situation, but also the assessment of the social environment, friends and family Family can help with this important decision.

7 steps to the new job

The right Communication for a clean cut is essential when changing jobs. After all, you want to remain good friends with employers and co-workers.

  1. Prepare dismissal optimally: Going off the clock right away, dropping the notice on the boss and announcing the decision in the office is the wrong approach. It is important to prepare a dismissal well and to proceed step by step. This leaves a good impression not only on the old, but also on the new employer.
  2. New location should already exist: Before the termination is submitted, a new job should, if possible, already in prospect, because as an employee, it is easier to find a new job out of an existing employment relationship. In addition, large gaps in the CV are reluctant, especially if they are due to a hasty job change.
  3. Discrete job search: While seeking a job, care should be taken to be discreet, even if friendly business dealings are normal. Anyone who is in a leadership position must also consider the corporate policy consequences of a dismissal, which will be known at an early stage. Therefore: It is best to talk with colleagues only about the planned job change when the new contract is signed, whereby a certain sequence of information should be kept.
  4. To inform the boss first: In order not to step on anyone's neck, the current supervisor should be the first to learn of the planned termination. A factual explanation of the reasons for this decision helps both sides to understand the background. It is also in the interest of the employee to terminate employment professionally, because nobody wants to start with grudging in the belly in a new job. In addition, each employee receives a certificate after the end of the employment relationship, which is significant for the further professional career.
  5. To ensure optimum reputation:  The risk of a negative rating can be significantly reduced by a smooth and fair termination process. Speaking of references: Occasionally the employer asks you to design your own testimony yourself - in this case you should be familiar with the phrasing so that you do not misjudge yourself by mistake. If you are fortunate enough to know a human resource manager, you can ask for advice, but unions or job boards can also help you with tips on certifying.
  6. Handover to successors and colleagues: If all this is done, the transfer to the successor or a colleague is missing. Ongoing projects should be handed over in a personal interview. In addition, it must be ensured that all required documents are accessible for the successor. Also, a transfer of access rights for the eMail-Inbox or forwarding of the mails makes sense in many cases. The “out of sight, out of mind” attitude is misplaced because everyone wants order in a new job, not chaos that needs to be cleaned up first.
  7. Say goodbye: In order to say goodbye to colleagues, it is customary in many companies or companies to give up. The scope and effort are left to everyone. It is all about the appreciation of the team and a harmonious conclusion. It is not for nothing that it says “You always see each other twice in your life”!

After this clean conclusion stands a successful first day in the new Office nothing more in ways.

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