Life is like a roundabout that gives us three exits in conflict situations
offers: fight, flight or reconciliation. We have to decide: I want me
keep turning in a circle? Battle? Escape? Or reconcile myself and inner peace
Find? I advocate the last exit and explain this in five concrete steps.

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Reconciliation as a source of inner strength

Joy of life can only arise when we have made peace with our past
have: I have drawn this knowledge from my own experience:

Through an overpowering father, the personal risk of RAF terrorism and my suicide Mother I realized that reconciliation is a source of inner strength in order to find oneself and walk new paths in life. Here are the 5 steps on the way to inner peace at a glance:

1. Step: What is my concern?

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To take the first step, you need to know where to go. as
I recommend “mental reduction”, which means that much, as a useful tool
like: Concentration on the essentials. The question is:

In seminars, I guide the participants to a concise and precise sentence forms. Such a sentence is best started with a simple “I want…” and ends with a concrete one Objective.

Because only when the painful “topic” is named precisely and concretely can work on the root of the problem begin. So I start a path of reconciliation with the concern: "I want to have peace with my experiences of violence and terrorism."

2. Step: Everything on the table

The second step on the way to reconciliation is about “getting everything on the table
lay”: This means all thoughts, facts, memories and feelings I aufmerksam
to look at - without any shame or embarrassment.

That this step is not always quite light is, I know from my own experience: Sometimes we are ashamed of our feelings and do not want to admit them. Precisely because we are masters of repression, this step is particularly important. In order to really "unpack" all feelings, I recommend writing a letter to yourself in my seminars: Here you can write out everything that you associate with your painful experience - in my case it was about my experiences with terrorism and the isolation associated with it.

Such letters are healing because they offer us a platform to find ourselves in peace and seclusion and to no longer hide from ourselves. The core statements – the power guzzlers – can then be filtered out of this letter, for example lonliness, inner speechlessness, powerlessness.

3rd step: Experience the energy transition

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For every feeling there is a counter-feeling and the Energy can amazing fast developed by
run one pole to the other. That is why the third step on the path to reconciliation is about finding a positive counter-feeling to the energy guzzlers from the second step. To do this, we must first identify this, namely clear and unmistakable.

In the video seminar, Walter Kohl explains step by step how to find the right counterpart to your negative feelings. For me, loneliness became connected, powerlessness became self-responsibility and inner speechlessness “being able to say it”. And from the old energy “injustice” he found the coherent counterpart “acceptance and Trust".

4. Step: My peace treaty with myself

In the fourth step the decision is consolidated, once and for all from the old inner
Konflikt to get off. And this happens through a "peace treaty to yourself": In
this treaty declares its independence from the old situation
Caused pain. It is important that the text does not blame or blame
Contains verbal abuse.

We need not and should not wait for the other parties, for we create our new inner peace out of our own sovereignty. Reconciliation and inner peace know no other claims to others. My peace treaty is in excerpts:
“Today I accept the years of terrorism as part of my life. It's not a beautiful part, but a part that is there
as well as other parts. (...) I recognized my old feelings. You are true. But I have learned to deal with these feelings, to change them. I am no longer with them
delivered. Today I can say that the terror era didn't break me, but it hurt me. (…) These injuries were deep, but they are through the path of reconciliation
healed and scarred. Some scars heal, but that's okay. Even old dogs often have scars, but they are still beautiful and lovable. "

5. Step: Use the new force in the flow of everyday life

Everyone who has embarked on the path of reconciliation knows that reconciliation liberates. she
renews the People. It unleashes unexpected powers. The inner peace in Everyday life zu
live is the real touchstone. “And exams will come, that's a lot for sure".

The fifth step leads from the past into the Future. He is symbol
a philosophy of life that focuses on the search for inner and outer peace.


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