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Hillary Clinton did not become US President in 2016, as many expected. Thereupon the causes were feverishly researched. 7 tips, what not only Women derive from it for their own careers.

Reasons for the election result

At the time, I studied the political analyzes of the USChoice busy and a first Overview published shortly after the election, which is concerned with whether Donald Trump is a negative role model for managers.

In addition to Trump's narcissism, the analyzes also repeatedly weakness of the Democrats and their candidate Hillary Clinton emphasized that they should show understanding for broad sections of the electorate or communicate their concerns in an understandable way. Like the very detailed analysis of Susan Bordo on ZEIT ONLINE shows, it is also quite small. Even if I do not agree one hundred percent in all places, I find the analysis very successful.

What You Can Learn From Hillary Clinton For Your Career - 7 Tips

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However, the topic is not only politically exciting: The debacle of the Democrats and Hillary Clinton shows us all the more emphatically that it is important toPlanning the right Strategy and Objective to pursue. At least as important, however, is communicating these correctly and appropriately. And that is especially true for women, but of course not only. 7 tips.

  1. Inform, Inform, Inform: Analyzes accuse Hillary Clinton of simply forgetting certain groups of voters during her election campaign. This shows how important it is to obtain basic information about a situation beforehand – for example about the situation in a company where you want to apply or the actual requirements of a job. Employer review platforms like Glassdoor can be used to
  2. Look beyond your own nose: However, many analysts themselves assessed the outcome of the election quite wrongly because they moved too much in their own filter bubble and did not even notice what was actually going on around them. Also Facebook With its selective interaction algorithm, is held responsible for cementing a rather restricted worldview in many people. So if you are looking for information, you should get it specifically from very different sources and not just ask friends and acquaintances, for example.
  3. Forging alliances: Success depends not only on performance and good work, but on looking for allies who support one's career - otherwise one has quickly maneuvered offside. This starts with the application process, for example in the assessment center, and continues as you climb higher up the career ladder.
  4. Become a problem solver: Donald Trump has won the US election because he has inspired his electors with seemingly simple approaches. Of course, complex problems are never easy to solve, but intelligent people make the mistake of explaining facts in all their complexity, losing themselves in side-war situations and criticism. However, the problem is solved, especially in companies, with simple, clear messages. Therefore, do not name the problems, but offer solutions and communicate them with as simple and understandable words as possible.
  5. Being authentic: A major accusation made against Hillary Clinton is that of antipathy and a lack of authenticity. For example, because she has kept her illness secret instead of simply admitting that she feels sick and weak. Susan Bordo has worked out very nicely that what really matters is not what is really authentic, but what is perceived as authentic and also on Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® has already been discussed several times Authenticity should not be confused with the unvarnished truth is. Differently is not to explain that exaggerated Donald Trump was perceived as more authentic than Hillary Clinton.
  6. Communicate clearly: Another important topic goes hand in hand with the topic of authenticity: communication. Because the way we present ourselves and communicate also determines how we are perceived by others. For example in the circle of colleagues. For example, Susan Bordo describes how she once didn't get a job because she waved her arms around too frantically when she was talking. But communication is also becoming increasingly important in social networks. The fact that Facebook made jointly responsible for Trump's success in the US election was apparently more important than the established media, shows the importance of social networks, which should not be underestimated - for example not in the application process. Even if many companies claim the opposite, applicants and employees are googled nowadays - and those who show a picture of themselves that deviate from their familiar role can at least greatly irritate bosses and colleagues.
  7. Set limits, keep your attitude: However, it is important to maintain a certain attitude in order to adapt your own role and communication. In order to do that, everyone has to define for himself how far he is willing to go - and if possible not to exceed this limit. Otherwise, bending over will eventually return like a boomerang.

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