Much has been written about digital change, but there is little information about how well it actually works in companies and which ones steps actually have to be implemented. An overview.


The human factor must not be forgotten

With all the discussion about digitization, artificial Intelligence and current economic developments must not be forgotten that it is all about People goes who work in companies.

There are a number of positive highlights in our survey. They show that the human factor is fortunately not forgotten by many of those surveyed. The majority of Executives says the top leaders at her company value her contribution. This also applies to their manager.

The survey also shows that the Employees are very engaged – for example, because of the executives’ intention to Organization to stay and proud that they work there.

The main challenges for executives

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However, these are the results of a group of executives, and we wonder whether each organization would achieve similar results in a general employee survey. There are two main challenges that organizations need to focus on:

The importance of work-life balance

There seems to be a black and white approach by employers to that compatibility from Job and privacy admit. Some understand how important these issues are, but on the other hand are those employers who prefer not to perceive or openly discuss what is happening.

The latter is not only more negative for an organization that wants to be seen as a good employer, but also for a company that wants to be Motivation the employee could become dismotivated.

The compatibility of work and private life

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It is also clearthat organizations that are more concerned with the issues of work-life balance provide a more caring environment in which employees are more likely to value themselves feel. The other challenge is motivation, and there are a significant number of managers who say their organization is not taking the right approach to motivating them.

We also asked managers what motivates them and what they believe their organization depends on them for. An interesting difference between these two groups is the influence leaders have in their organization. Executives want more — like the authority to put on their own show,” but say their organizations lack the Significance not appreciate this motivation.

Our recommendation: Check the motivation of your employees

Finding ways to fix this would help Commitment and ultimately improve overall business performance. One executive commented, “Different people are motivated by different things. The leaders here struggle to understand anyone who isn't motivated by the same things as they are. It would help if we could just clear this up."

Our product: Check employee engagement and motivation – what are the key issues for different employee groups? Consider how you can better support employees struggling with work-life balance.

What is the change in Digtal?

For many companies, it is Strategy, the Marketing-Vision, the financial plans, customer focus and future product development that determine the pace and direction of success.

However, our results show that other important areas also make a difference, which many companies may only think about in the second place.

4 Reasons: Why is employee motivation so important?

The motivation of employees is crucial for the Success of Company - and also for the successful management of change: However, this realization is only slowly gaining ground. The following 4 points play a key role here:

  1. The way individual managers treat their employees;
  2. the belief of a senior executive in the value of creating a high-quality management team;
  3. whether people are a resource into which the company is investing
  4. and how it deals with change.

4 To Do's: Consider positions in the company

Neither of these factors is likely to top the list when it comes to how an organization is judged - it's far more likely to be Ask strategy, financial acumen, etc., but nonetheless these are important aspects in improving efficiency, effectiveness and performance. And it's important to hear different perspectives, e.g. B.

  1. What do the different groups of Country Managers think?
  2. Are the views of the employees at the head office different from those of other employee groups or different levels?
  3. What do younger employees think? It is often instructive to find out such information, for example whether young people think that top managers are “in touch”, “out of touch” or “on message” or “off message”.
  4. If employees receive their supervisor's sufficient support for certain areas, B. Change initiatives in which they are involved ?.

4 Results: How well does digital change work in companies?

Although so many books and Article were written and we all know so much about change, it still remains difficult, one of the most difficult areas to get right in Shop. It may be a complex area.

Success also depends to a large extent on how committed people are to the change process - most of us have probably experienced a situation where everything seems to be slowing down in a new change program, held back by those who are the disapprove of new structures and initiatives, or sometimes by individuals who feel they need them the most verlieren have. our recommendation

  1. The good news in the survey is that most managers say that their organization reaches the business benefit expected for the initiated change initiatives.
  2. It is interesting to note that almost all respondents are of the opinion that coping with change is an essential part of their role.
  3. This sense of personal responsibility for change is important because a lack of personal “buy-in” often reduces the chances of success.
  4. The survey results also show where changes can be improved. One question is whether executives have the skills to make good change - nearly half of respondents say that this is not the case in their organization.

our recommendation

It is important to inform early on - and well before any formal initiative - about any changes.

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