a USUniversity once did an interesting experiment on the Small Talk: She sent a subject into a room full of mathematicians. After 20 minutes, the mathematicians had to rate the test person. What was the result?

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What a nice guy!

Everyone was thrilled: “What a nice guy! And really knows about math! ” The big hit, you already guessed it: the nice guy had no idea about math. He was an art student. He didn't have the faintest glimmer of binomials.

He had a pronounced empathy for this: if the other person babbled on about Fermat's theorem, the test person did not respond to Fermat's theorem (a non-small-talker would try and embarrass himself). No, he rather responded to the feelings of the mathematician.

Real sympathy instead of pre-recorded knowledge

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If the arithmetic artist complains about an unsuccessful attempt to Solution of the theorem, the art student said: "Yes, that's frustrating, unfortunately I know that all too well." Talking about a new approach, the mathematician said: “A new approach? That sounds promising. What do you make of it?"

Certainly: After more than 20 minutes would be for sure found out that the boy has no idea about integrals. Then he could still have said: “That's right, I'm studying Art. But I am very interested in mathematics. Isn't a Michelangelo of mathematical precision in his aesthetics?"

Empathy - and you can train it

But that's not the point. The point is: empathy enables the greatest possible recognition. Because every human being, even if he is a mathematician, is deeply emotional. Who perceive these feelings and spiegeln can is a small talk genius.

This ability can also be trained. He/She only needs very good ones Eyes and ears and a feeling for one's own feelings. Needless to say, really good empaths are great at small talk, at negotiations, at Coaching, in management and everywhere in life so scary successfully are that they are practically everyone People could wrap around their finger - if they wanted to. So if you still sneer at the subject of “small talk”, you are ignoring the existence of gravity. A fatal ignorance.

Small talk - more value than mere expertise

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Expertise is important. In every subject. But for the great and lasting success in the Job, for luck and satisfaction in life rich expertise and wealth not from.

This requires communicative and social Expertise. Anyone who is good at small talk is good with people, can communicate well and thus has the key to a much greater inner and outer wealth than mere professional competence could ever give him.

Empty in the head? That gives itself

emptiness in Head? That works. For example in golf: After just a few rounds of this beautiful game. With a variant for managers and other dignitaries:

Before you comment, consider whether your comment strengthens or weakens the report. "What do we want in Brazil?" A no-no. Because this is not a factual comment, but a polemical assessment!

Find out about the background

Find out more about the background: Why does the Executive to Brazil, what are the advantages? And then your comment may turn out like this: “Brazil? Thunder weather, everyone is now in China and India - but in Brazil? Our boss is with the first again! ”

Well, the boss will be happy about you if you make such a nice comment. So practice your own, rapport-friendly Opinions to develop.

Small talk is so much more

So many could now on the Idea come, small talk consists of putting on an interested face while listening and nodding with a friendly smile.

But this text has hopefully taught you a better - that's nonsense. As we have seen, small talk is so much more.

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