Insufficient attention has long been considered a new epidemic of our time, while we are constantly turning the hamster wheel. But what are the reasons?

hamster wheel

What short-range thinking and lack of attention do to us

A new Discipline conquers the Working world: short-distance thinking. The Sustainability gives way to shortness of breath, strategic action to drumming actionism.

And multitasking is closely linked to this lack of attention. Because when it comes to multitasking, many processes are neglected. And the reasons for this are deeper.

Difficulty concentrating: the brain is to blame

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Guilt, if you will, is carried by the working memory of the People. This temporary storage is highly unreliable, which we notice, for example, when, as a listener, we no longer know the beginning of a long tapeworm sentence.

And who has it not happened to when he got home from work, what phone call he still had to make and which email to send? Psychiatrist Edward Hallowell calls the lack of attention a new epidemic and describes it as "a direct result of the modern world of work".

Sick distraction is on the rise

in front of loud Tasks, which they wanted to do at the same time, many people have done themselves - for health reasons. They suffer from Attention Deficit Trait (ATD), a pathological absent-mindedness.

They are under constant current and, according to Hallowell, are “distracted, irritable, impulsive, restless”. And just as a junkie needs his material, so the less attentive need their multitasking. In ever higher doses. With increasingly fatal consequences.

Multitasker: like stupid motion detectors

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One of these consequences are the work results, as the Standfort scientist Clifford Nass found out in a study. Compared to people who rarely multitask, multitaskers are less concentrated and mix up the important and the unimportant.

And like stupid motion detectors that do not differentiate between humans and cats, they react to any external stimulus, including nothing. Does that mean that multitasking becomes stupid?

Endurance deficit and error in thinking

They struggle with tasks that Endurance require. your mental Performance decreases, mistakes creep into their thinking. And anyone who thought that you at least learned how to multitask with multitasking is wrong: Multitaskers don't even get better at this!

The FAZ editor Frank Schirrmacher, until then not exactly as a capitalismcritic known, describes multitasking in his lightning-fast book "Payback" as "bodily harm" and sums it up: "Multitasking is the doomed attempt of humans to become computers themselves."

Hamster wheel syndrome: how do you lose your mind?

But who put people on this insane Idea brought? Who has been doing everything since industrialization to get the best out of machines and people so that the ruble rolls? Who invented the assembly line, who introduced the computer, who Welt accelerated so rapidly that heads and hearts can no longer keep up? Who, if not the ruthless employers, has turned modern man into a kicking guinea pig in the hamster wheel of multitasking?

Of course, we ourselves. The nice hamster wheel rule therefore applies: there are many ways, mind too verlieren. Multitasking is the most modern.

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