Money is by no means the only factor that employers consider Employees makes attractive. There are a number of other motivators that companies can use for their employer branding.


Why employee motivation is a crucial success factor for companies

The Motivation the employee is an essential factor for the Success one Company, and one of the most effective ways to increase that motivation is through employee benefits. Benefits play a critical role in overall employee satisfaction and well-being, which leads to higher employee retention, increased productivity and ultimately better business outcomes. In today's highly competitive job market, companies need to look after their employees investto attract and retain top talent. Offering a comprehensive benefits package can be an important factor in achieving this Objective to achieve.

After all, the success of a company depends on that Commitment and the hard work of its employees. Therefore, management must ensure that their employees remain motivated and engaged. Employee motivation is a key factor in creating a positive work environment and increase of productivity. While there are various ways to motivate employees, offering benefits that meet their needs and desires is an effective way to achieve this goal. Benefits come in all shapes and sizes, from healthcare benefits to flexible working hours to employee discounts. Each type of benefit meets a different employee need and, when used effectively, can result in a motivated and engaged workforce.

Benefits: Always just one thing?

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Benefits – since the phrase “Friends with Benefits” came into use in the privacy established, that sounds somehow disreputable. They are also an issue at work - and always negotiable. Because even if salary negotiations are mostly about money: There are attractive ones Alternatives. The range of possibilities ranges from a bonus at the end of the year or a project to company cars and benefits in kind to privileges such as office keys or company parking spaces.

Unfortunately, when negotiating salary, many employees automatically think of asking for more money first. After all, studies show that attractiveness to work is not just about more money – but it is often the decisive motivating factor. So-called benefits are often even more worthwhile net because they tend to lead to more money than a pure increase in salary. This can be bonuses, holiday pay and other special benefits if the Executive really at his during a salary negotiation”No" remains. Another possibility is performance-based payment or bonuses if such benefits in kind are not an option.

What are popular employers doing differently?

But what do popular companies actually offer? The employers that everyone wants to go to not only offer their employees material benefits, but also lure them with team events, parties, sports and companies. The connection between friendly feelings, working atmosphere and increased performance is evident: those who get along well with their colleagues have more Fun and is therefore more productive.

However, caution is sometimes advised at this point in particular - because you can choose your friends, but not your colleagues. As soon as the relationship and factual levels mix, conflicts can arise. For example, there is the envy factor when one person has a career and the other doesn't. It's also difficult when one person wants more than a collegial relationship, but the other doesn't. Or when the person sitting next to you at the desk likes to tell juicy details about his private life that you would rather not hear. Conversely, you make yourself vulnerable if you have too many details about your private life.

Close team cohesion: advantages and disadvantages

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A close team spirit with friendly interactions between employees can offer advantages and disadvantages for companies and employees. Having colleagues as friends can be a support system Workplace provide that can be critical to job satisfaction and mental health. It also allows for a deeper understanding of the Power and weaknesses of the other, which can lead to more effective collaboration and problem solving. On a personal level, friends can be at work Stress break down and provide a sense of belonging. This increases the motivation and productivity of the entire team.

However, it is important to approach this type of relationship with caution and professionalism to avoid possible conflicts of interest or the appearance of favoritism. Because in this case, too close a relationship between employees only damages work motivation and productivity. There was a survey on the subject some time ago Online-Job exchange among more than 1.000 specialists and executives. According to this, every fourth specialist and executive draws a clear dividing line between private and professional life. 26,3 percent agree with the statement “My colleagues are my colleagues, not my friends”. According to the online survey, only 15 percent look at their colleagues in the Office as a kind of “friends circle”. However, the vast majority of participants did not answer the question about “friend” or “colleague” categorically: they made the answer entirely dependent on the “individual case” (58,6 percent).

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