Late again. There is time Money! What you think about punctuality in the Business should know, briefly summarized. No more flimsy excuses and delays.

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Punctuality is polite!

Punctuality refers to a person's ability to accurately meet an appointment or appointment. In our culture, punctuality is also associated with reliability and politeness.

If a delay exceeds a certain tolerance limit, we feel it People that as disrespectful and are insulted, because us so little Esteem is met. You get the feeling that you are not important enough for the other person.

Why do we get annoyed about punctuality

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In professional life, people have to be very precise about their time to plan and delays and waiting times create a mess in the daily routine. To prevent this, punctuality is expected and valued by everyone involved.

Imagine the daily situation in public transport: here people quite naturally expect and are “punctual”. fast upset and upset when this is not the case.

What exactly does it mean to be punctual?

Of all persons in the Society are involved, we expect punctuality and that means arriving 5 to 10 minutes before the start. Whether at work or at a party – no one should show up to the date rushed and out of breath.

Being there 5 to 10 minutes before the start gives you the opportunity to calmly focus on the person Conversation and prepare the situation. You can freshen up again, the hands wash and maybe take a look at the Spiegel make sure everything is in Order at a hunt.

Time for invitations

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When you receive an invitation in the official life, there are two types of time:

Over-punctual - is this a good thing?

If you are invited to a private party, you should definitely not be there half an hour earlier. In private life you arrive on time at the specified time.
Late - avoid at all costs

It shows disinterest in the person I let wait. Most people do not like to wait. In this case, be sure to use your smartphone to write a short message that you will be late. Unpampered tardiness in times of smartphone and co is an absolute no-go.

In which situations do you really have to be very punctual?

Punctuality in other cultures

If you have to deal with people from other cultures, you have to be aware that dealing with time is very different.

People from the German-speaking area are everywhere on the Welt Absolute punctuality is expected, even if your hosts are late.

Before going abroad travel or expect foreign guests, familiarize yourself with the customs and customs of these cultures.

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