professional Reorientation falls to many People difficult in Germany in particular – for too long the philosophy has been that in the Job works that you have learned once. But given the digital Transformationthat also before the Working world does not stop, reorientation is required.

self knowledge-abnegation

Pondering to solve problems?

Many people are dissatisfied with their job, but they do not get beyond the ponder when it comes to professional reorientation. The topic should be tackled in a pragmatic way and in three concrete steps.

On the other hand, I'm always amazed at how naturally people want to start their new careers just by pondering. It looks like this: “I've been dissatisfied with my job for years, and I've been dealing with possible ones for so long Alternatives. But I just can't get any further! I can't think of what to do. Or wanted."

"I just don't have good ideas"

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My first question is then usually: What have you done so far to get to new ones ideas get? How did you search for it? And in most cases, the puzzled answer goes something like this:

“What should I have DOED? Of course I've been thinking! I've been brooding all night. And of course I talk to all sorts of people about it all the time. Don't think I mean it light make! But I just can't think of a good idea..."

Wicky, the Viking - or why the optimal solution does not come by itself

I find this approach rather suboptimal. Would the same people try to cope with an important, complex task in the job in this way?

For example, when it came to developing a new product or optimizing complicated processes - they would spend days and weeks in their Office include and think exclusively? And maybe talk about it with colleagues from time to time? Until maybe one day Solution arises?

This may have worked with Wicky, the Viking, (the somewhat older among you will remember the nasereibende Gör with the mad ideas). Otherwise the idea is absurd, is not it?

Solve problems like project work

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Many of us have some kind of work related to project work. Projects have a fixed time frame and consist of successive steps. At the beginning it is mostly tried to think as broadly as possible and to look beyond the box.

In the final phase, the best idea is worked out in detail and brought to the point. In between, the course is checked. And besides, it is not uncommon to hold things in writing and pictures.

This is quite trivial, is not it?

Human understanding instead of psychologists' view

Why, however, do so many new orientationists think of coming up with new, great ideas by thinking? It's strange. Many believe that only sophisticated and complicated tools can help them find their new job.

Or the piercing psychologist's gaze, which immediately recognizes where they would be best kept ...

My simple advice, which has more to do with common sense than wacky Coaching-Tools, reads: First of all, consider your search for new professional territory as a development project!

No secret science

And with a little project management, a little Psychology and a pinch creativity it really isn't a secret science.

To make things easier, I have broken down professional reorientation (and the same goes for any other more complex change process) into three levels – the reorienter has three Tasks to do that are equally important and run in parallel:

The 3 levels of professional reorientation

  1. Development (from interests and wishes to defined job projects)
  2. Self-management (to avoid being hampered by blockages and fears)
  3. Planning and structure (without which we are guaranteed to get tangled and run away)

I will explain to you the most important aspects of each of these levels in the next three parts of this post. And I'm pretty for surethat you will say afterwards Actually quite logical...;-)

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