OPINION! Career expert Sascha Schmidt on professional crises of meaning & ways out: "Become a decision-maker on your own behalf"

Sascha Schmidt mainly accompanies Executives through the professional midlife crisis. In 2012 his new book “Holistic Career Planning. a life in Balance" appeared. In the interview he talks about the professional crises, about ways out and why changing jobs is not the only way Solution at a hunt.

Sascha Schmidt, lives and works in Munich. He studied history, philosophy and education. A ten-year career then began with ups and downs in the media industry. In 2005 he gave his career a new direction. He became self-employed - first as a management consultant and since 2009 as Training and HR consultants. 

Mr. Schmidt, What is a professional midlife crisis?

Midlife Crisis is first of all a catchword, behind which one can hide well. We know this well in the private environment. Yes, he has his midlife crisis, it's over again.

And that's often how it is. After buying a motorcycle or a short extramarital affair, you return to the routine of your previous life. It doesn't have to be like that. Others use this crisis of meaning in life to fundamentally Ask about the past and future course of one's own life.

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Here there is again a range of answers - this goes to the revival of an old hobby up to the separation from the previous partner. These phenomena can also be observed in the professional environment.

Can you illustrate this by an example?

Gladly - I'll tell you an example from my book. I was promoted by a friend of mine. This sounds slanting and she was not so aware. What happened?

She was appointed as a technical expert to lead the team. Her manager was himself for sure, a good Choice to have met. On the surface she felt the same way; only at work did she lose fun and joy in what she was doing.

In career coaching she discovered for herself that for her career means joy and fun at work Team to have. This is exactly what she missed in the leadership role. She drew the necessary conclusions from this and quit the job. Now she is working again as an expert in a new one Companys.

Rather unusual that someone voluntarily takes a step back. How are your experiences?

Yes, this is not often the case. At the same time it was the right one, because it was an individual solution. For meaningful and thus fulfilled work she did not find in the leadership role. By the way, many doctors know this phenomenon. Those who are promoted are increasingly concerned with bureaucracy and representational duties.

The real thing, helping the sick and the associated interpersonal Contact , is lost. At the same time, it is always an individual one decision. There is no golden way! Who is satisfied of it, teams and People to lead and motivate will choose the classic career path. And that's a good thing.

How do I know what my real way is?

By becoming decision-makers in your own cause. Before you make a decision, you should consider facts and feelings about the subject. What bothers me at the job? What do I like in the job? What can I change? What will not change? Why do I do my work?

And so on - there are a lot of open questions. It is important to pay attention to the process of responding to oneself and feelings.

What does that mean?

So, the answer to the “why am I doing the job” can be, to mine Family to be able to feed. A rationally understandable reason. If you are emotionally not well feel with the answer, then it's time to look after Alternatives look around.

How can I feed my family differently? It may be that you are looking for a new employer, it may be that you change roles with your partner. The man chooses parental leave during the Ms. and the Money deserves – all models that are livable.

If I am in the professional sense of crisis, do not you advise me immediately to look for a new job?

That's right, if you feel uncomfortable, you should first acknowledge this discomfort. This is the starting point for an effective change the professional career. What is causing me this discomfort? Those who go here in search of clues avoid changing from bad to worse with a hasty shot.

You may realize that the company's change in strategy results in discomfort or futility. You can no longer stand behind it. Then a job change helps. Because you now know your parameters, under which you are for yourself useful Can work.

You always have to change the job?

No, of course not. If your discomfort relates only to your manager and everything else is fine, then a change of department is sufficient. If you want to go one step further, you can ask yourself why it bothers me Executive at all?

Again and again, the insight in a coaching session is enough that the boss is not the father, to feel suddenly freed. A job change is not necessary for this.

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