We receive Best of almost every day HR - Berufebilder.de® Inquiries from Company looking for sought-after specialists - especially among engineers and in the IT-Area. We give tips on how to best apply to this special target group.

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Professionals desperately wanted?

Recently Stefan Schwarzgruber of Stackoverflow 7 tips for Recruiter to address IT specialists via eMail given. That such tips are even necessary shows how difficult the situation of companies is.

Then the ever faster progressing development demands a lot from them. And those who then do not serve the incoming orders due to a lack of specialists will not be able to withstand the competition and will have significant competitive disadvantages. And politicians, especially Chancellor Angela Merkel, repeatedly emphasize that Germany's future viability will continue to be determined by innovative strength, both in politics and in politics Economy here further invest must.

Applicants: The right strategy required

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Nevertheless, to believe that you just need to stop by employer and then get hired is the wrong way and would be a bit naive for the bidder. But that's exactly what many seem to believe, who complain afterwards but have not found a job.

Not least that shows up Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® years of discussion on the subject of a shortage of skilled workers that even good skilled workers still need an equally good application strategy in order to find a job. And the Candidate should also fit the company they want to work for.

7 tips on how to find the right employer as an applicant

In plain language, for graduates and young professionals in engineering, this means that efforts to find a qualified Workplace and attractive employer really pay off. But just like everyone else Application also decides the right one Strategy and Success and failure of the application.

  1. Analyze your own ideas: Before it goes to the job postings, the applicant should be aware of what precise ideas he or she has of the future job. Strengths and weaknesses should be carefully weighed and written down. In this way, the subsequent assessment and selection of job offers is much easier and the search has more chances of success.
  2. Curriculum vitae with structure: A well-structured CV is the be-all and end-all of professional application documents. It makes sense to mention the last employment first, so that the HR can immediately get an idea of ​​the current fields of activity and competencies.
  3. Soft skills emphasize: The candidate should ensure that so-called key competencies such as creativity or intercultural competence are included. For applications in management positions and jobs which require a great deal of teamwork, it is a valuable feature to be able to present a clear performance profile against the competition. Also, hobbies that show commitment and team strength should be included in the CV. Of secondary importance here are general occupations, which do not stress a particular facet of personality.
  4. Leave an impression: What is presented in the curriculum vitae in a concise, clear tabular form should be formulated precisely and coherently in the cover letter. Whether Germanist or engineer: A re-enumeration of the CV should not take place here. Rather, it is important to clarify why the candidate is seeking that particular job in this one company and how his skills can be of benefit to the company.
  5. Make the personal suitability clear: In addition, you should answer the question of what reason you think fit for this job. Concrete examples or experiences, for example, based on practiced activities, are convincing arguments. Personal strengths can also be mentioned to round off the cover letter. In any case, the candidate should refrain from using common phrases or allegations which can not be specifically substantiated.
  6. Direct contact: A decisive advantage, which is often underestimated, can be the personal contact with the responsible contact person in the preferred company. Not only does this offer the opportunity to receive more specific information about the vacant position, the applicant can arouse the curiosity of the HR manager on the phone and thus significantly increases the chance that the application documents will be examined more closely. However, the phone call should be well prepared. “Between door and rod” - conversations can damage the impression, especially if the applicant sounds rushed or stressed.
  7. Women on the rise: Fortunately, women are on the rise in both IT and engineering, and are often given targeted support because, overall, their share in this area is still well below that of men. So your chances are doubly good to be hired by an attractive employer with professional application documents and thus actively contribute to the fact that Germany remains one of the most important innovation carriers in the global economy.

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