Studies say: Peoplewho read with focus and concentration are more successful to earn more and live longer. How do busy people like Bill Gates, Barack Obama or Oprah Winfrey find time for regular reading? 7 tips.

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Were buffets Top Tip: Read 500 pages per day

Put aside your excuses to start reading: When successful people offer concrete tips, it's smart to listen. And Warren Buffett can be said to be the third richest person in the world Welt, for sure these include.

The major US investor says: “Read 500 pages a day. This is how it works Education. It multiplies like compound interest. Any of you can do this. But I also guarantee you: not many of you will.”

Overcome the inner reading pig dog

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500 pages a day? It spins. This is impossible with my workload, with young children ...

Numerous reasons why this is impossible come to mind for all of us. That's one reason why Buffett the Opinions is, very few of us would heed his advice.

From Bill Gates to Ophra Winfrey: The reading habits of the really successful

But it is already very noticeable that a similar reading behavior shows in many other successful people:

Why do these people, with their countless obligations, submit to a daily learning routine? Even though they have often enjoyed the best education and have an armada of qualified counselors around.

More empathy, money and a longer life: studies prove the positive effects of regular reading

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The regular reading of novels, poems or non-fiction books improves our sense of language as well as our own language skills - this is obvious. But it has even more effects:

A study by New York scientists showed 2013 that reading promotes empathy - however, the type of literature plays a role here. Demanding literature, in this case Chekhov, works better than shallow entertainment.

Many readers earn an average of 21 percent more

Surveys among international executives Companys showed that corporate executives are also avid readers - of both fiction and non-fiction.

An investigation of University Padua specified again and proved that people who read a lot earn an average of 21 percent more than people who read very little or not at all.

Who reads, lives longer

Also one Yale University's long-term study with 3600 subjects found that readers live longer, "If you spend half an hour a day reading a book, you have a significant survival advantage over people who do not read at all," says the study author and Yale.Professorin Becca R. Levy.

It does not matter whether those affected browse in magazines, books or blogs. The genre also does not matter. The effect is the same: if you read a lot, you can statistically get away for a full two years.

7 tips for better and more reading in everyday life

So I recommend: Ran to the lyrics! And for that to work, here are the matching 7 tips:

1. Make time for reading with the Not-To-Do list

Convinced but don't know where to find more time to read? It's clear your day won't get longer. This means that in the time you are reading from now on you are already doing something else. So you need to create space and the study and reading time like a project to plan. For example in everyday work. Here we tend to bog down operationally. That means we work through our to-dos and no longer worry about whether there is still anything to do useful is to do this task (yourself).

What helps: First, make a not-to-do list. To do this, first identify habits that you have long wanted to get rid of. Then delegate Tasksthat others can do almost as well as you can. By the way, this applies to both work and life privacy.

2. Podcasts, Blogs, Magazines: Start in small steps

Start your "project reading" with small steps. Maybe just read 15 minutes a day. Or start with a podcast. In order to have this time free, instead of making a to-do list, use the not-to-do list from the top instead.

You may find that this will ultimately save you more than 15 minutes per day. But even with 15 minutes a day, you get good 100 reading hours per year!

3. Identify your own learning fields

For the Career Of course, it makes sense to continue your education in your own department. However, don't forget to think outside the box every now and then and learn from the mistakes and positive experiences of others. However, none of them can go into the Future look and predict what the jobs of tomorrow will look like and which ones Background we will need for you.

Therefore, you best follow your own interests and identify your personal learning fields. Start with a small building block and gradually open up a whole thematic field. With a mind map you can divide larger subject areas well into sub-areas. Then start with a building block that really interests you.

4. Have one goal in mind

Our Brain is unfortunately not a big fan of change. Establishing a new reading routine will therefore save you a lot in the short term Energy costs. A look at top-class sport shows how you can still get enough Motivation can muster to stick with it: The tough and exhausting phase that athletes experience in preparation for competitions can only survive those who have a really powerful and great Objective in Eyes have and be aware of this again and again.

If there is a low level of motivation, the athlete will always make this goal clear to himself in all its emotional facets. The question of motivation is then not about whether he is today Lust has to train. The important question is: "Do I want to achieve my attractive goal and become an Olympic champion, for example?" Or: Do I want to be on the podium and experience this emotional and glorious moment?”. Such Ask lead us back to our inner drive, awaken motivation and keep it alive.

5. To motivate yourself in the long term

Let's transfer the cognition to another example that most people already know from experience: many are decelerating. However, most of them fail because of low levels of motivation because they ask the wrong question at the crucial moment. Namely, "Do I want to eat chocolate now or not?" The answer is usually known.

One question that arouses the motivation and therefore the corresponding support would be: "Would I like to go out again in my favorite dress at the end of the year?" Such a question will focus on the actual goal and a concrete picture. So think about: What is the question that motivates you permanently in your learning and reading project and that keeps you going even in stressful phases?

6. Start immediately

From research, we know that what is being done within the first 24 hours has the potential to unfold, perhaps become a new habit. So: Implement your project now immediately.

Read the next one Article and enjoy your new study routine. "They will with Success rewarded" no matter where you are in your life or how old you are. At least that's the guarantee from Waren Buffett.

7. Inspire and be inspired

Do not always go according to plan strictly, but let yourself be inspired by the reading of others. And pass on good reading material.

Because a strong knowledge network is worth its weight in gold. But you can also come across real treasures in bookcases, in public places or in Hamburg buses that help you in some way or to new ones ideas .

Conclusion: Many ways lead to reading

You see, in the end, there are a number of factors that will help you in your quest to read more. And in any case, the big leaps in today's VUCA world are no longer made at the operational level, but at the strategic level.

That means they need to check in often and fast decide. The more you educate yourself, the more informed and better able you are to make these decisions. When markets are changing rapidly, it is important to adapt quickly to new things and to create and deal with innovations. Because having knowledge and being familiar with connections makes you free, self-sufficient and flexible. So away with the excuses, just start actively educating yourself!

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