Many Seller have a completely wrong picture of theirs customers. Not because they wouldn't be interested in her, but because she would eventually become one Information picked up and trust her blindly. Say goodbye to classic misconceptions and question your truths!

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Do your customers determine the market potential?

One of the most popular misconceptions is: the seller knows how much the Customer buys from him and uses this to extrapolate his needs and the market potential. If a forage seller in a village knows five farmers and each of them sells enough forage for 50 cows, then he concludes that there are 250 cows in that village.

There are perhaps two other farmers, of whom he knows nothing. And the ones he knows have in reality 100 cows - they only buy part of the feed somewhere else.

Can the market potential be identified based on sales?

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Classic misconception: The market potential can be seen from the seller's sales. The market is much, much bigger. For my area, training, I looked closely at the numbers. The Institute of the Germans Economy in Cologne says that the German volume of further training amounts to 67 billion euros.

So if all trainers in Germany hold training courses, lectures and seminars worth 67 billion euros every year, then that's it Turnover mine Company just a tiny crumb of it! In other words: if something is our growth limited, then whole for sure not the market.

How do you find the real market potential?

How do you figure out how big your market potential really is? Look for independent sources and information. For example, the trade directory. Or ask the municipal or regional business associations.

But also if you are right in the Eye If you know that the market is larger than your personal piece of the pie, you can make a second serious mistake in thinking: believing that if the pie shrinks, your piece of it must also shrink proportionately.

Example Reinhold Würth

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Reinhold Würth saw it differently. I was allowed to go to one in 2004 Lecture be there, in which he is from a Meeting reported with his executives. They said to him: Our previous ones Set are no longer achievable in the current recession.

Reinhold Würth got up, went to the flipchart and drew a vertical line on it: “This is the overall market. Our market share is about six percent. ” And he entered the market share of the Würth Group at the bottom of the line. Then he stroked a bit away from the long line from above.

Don't accept no!

“In a recession it goes Consumption by six to eight percent. Well, there is still 86 to 88 percent of the original market between our share and the remaining consumption. What about it?" His Executives looked at each other speechless. "Well, those are the market shares of the competitors."

"And? That doesn't mean they're unattainable. We are now not concentrating on what will disappear in the recession, but on what is still there. Go out and acquire the competition!” Then my mouth fell open. The man just doesn't accept limitations. I liked that. Because what is the opposite of Success? Failure? No. Failure is part of getting to a new level. The opposite of success is doing nothing.

Just change the situation

In a pharmaceuticalCompanys For example, for years Frankfurt am Main was considered strong, Erfurt a weak area. Until someday just the responsibilities of the seller were exchanged. So as an experiment.

What do you think happened? Exactly: Within a short time, Erfurt has overtaken Frankfurt in sales figures. So much for “weak areas”.

Main thing prejudice?

The absolute classic is the general prejudice about sales areas in East Germany. How many times have I heard sentences like: "What you are offering in the west is not possible with us in the east."

Or: “We know our market. And our customers just don't want that." And then there are the sellers who think the new federal states are great. Her reasoning: “The customers there are in many Industries extremely open to new things. And apart from that, there is hardly any competition there. A huge opportunity for a seller. It's just a matter of seeing them - and grasping them."

People can change their behavior

By this I mean: All these assumptions, what is possible and what is not, are just assumptions. Not necessarily the reality.

In fact, you may be fundamentally wrong. It's not the laws of nature you're dealing with as a seller, it's People. And people can ye Behavior change. They also.

Checklist: Your beliefs

To do this, you must first determine whether you also have a thermostat in the Head carry. If so, what area is it in? Ask So, for example:

If you notice any stagnation in one of these areas, then you have found your thermostat.

Why doing nothing is harmful

By the way, by doing nothing I don't mean: spending the day on the sofa. Doing nothing means doing nothing new. Just what you've always done. That only seems risk-free. A ship that is always in port rots; his Technology obsolete because no one sees a reason to update them.

After a while it will be cannibalized and scrapped. And so it is with yours Career: Vendors who stop are overtaken by other vendors. Then, before you know it, a competitor is taking more and more market share from you. Your sales plummet. And you're gone. Faster than you can look around.

what is your goal?

Seller feel safest with their existing customers. They know them, they know exactly which tactics they have to use in order not to fail. But sellers aren't there to stir things up. But to make sales. If you always do the same things as before, you will always achieve the same sales as before.

So you only have one Choice: Become aware of what your job actually consists of! Sales is your goal. To achieve this, consistently question what you are doing. Check whether what is on your schedule really helps you achieve your goal.

2 tips on how to achieve your goals

In order to really make sales, you have to go other ways of thinking than before. 2 tips:

  1. Find out how big the market potential really is. If you know that, you probably recognize that you have thought far too small.
  2. Set yourself a really high goal! And then you follow it. Consequent. Until you have reached it. Then sit down the next.

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