Designing an office is often not an easy task. Many aspects have to be considered. while playing Sustainability an increasingly important role.

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A positive working atmosphere - but not at the expense of the environment

You don't have to be right away Eco-entrepreneurs and fully rely on green technologies to do something for the environment at work. Because of course it should Office positive Provide a working atmosphere, but this is no longer the only thing at any price Objective. The layout of the office space is important, but efficiency should also be considered.

Within the decision about renting an office, it is advisable to consider the environmental and Climate protection always come into focus. But renting is only the first step, it is also about designing the office with optimal energy efficiency.

5 tips to make your office environmentally friendly

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In the end, despite all energy efficiency and sustainability, it is important to create a working environment in which your Employees feel good, start the working day motivated and be able to develop. You can find out how to do this with environmentally friendly means here.

1. Waste disposal and waste prevention

Since all conceivable types of waste are generated during work, your employees should have the opportunity to dispose of them useful dispose. Be it the greaseproof paper during the lunch break or the printer's empty toner. When it comes to waste disposal and the associated waste separation, it should not be neglected that incorrect sorting can lead to unnecessary problems in the recycling process. To this Problem To counteract this, it is advisable to provide different waste containers for the individual types of waste.

The placement of these wastebasket is also important. Every employee should know where the containers are and what type of waste they are intended for. It should not be underestimated that the employees know exactly where the containers are, so that they do not have to search and, for convenience, do without the correct separation. The shortest route is usually the easiest, even if sustainability suffers. It is of course even better to do without (paper) waste altogether. Therefore there is numerous technical aids.

2. Responsible handling

Focusing on just a few aspects is not enough on the way to energy-efficient office furnishings focus. The big picture should always be considered. Therefore, it is also important to deal with everyday problems.

Take the coffee kitchen or toilet, for example: even small details can lead to decisive improvements here. Just think of the small hygiene products like soap or towels. Because microplastics are sometimes also contained in soaps as binders or abrasives. that gets into the water cycle. By washing the hands the plastic particles get into the water cycle and thus threaten the food and living environment of animals. As Alternatives natural cosmetic products can therefore be used or, in order to save on refill waste, bet entirely on natural soap.

3. Isolation to protect nature

Another important factor that should not be missing in a sustainable and energy-efficient office is good insulation. If you rent an office in an old building, for example, good building and thermal insulation must be ensured. In contrast to modern office buildings, these are often not sufficiently isolated. Every modern single-family house is now insulated on the outer wall by insulation boards.

So why shouldn't this possibility also be considered for your office? Insulation is a great way to make an office space a more efficient place. With little effort, a warm working atmosphere is ensured, especially in winter, while it is bitterly cold outside the four walls. With good insulation, the building emits less heat to the outside and the heating does not have to work as hard. Is your building not sufficiently insulated? No worries! There are many forward-thinking service providers who will cost-effectively implement these Measures enable.

4. Sustainable and economical establishment

When setting up the office space, it is advisable to use suitable furniture and lighting systems. It doesn't always have to be completely new tables and chairs. High-quality and used office furniture can often be purchased at a low price. This has a double positive effect. Then you have to do less Money invest and the goods that have already been used are not disposed of, but sensibly reused.

When it comes to lighting, they can also score points in terms of energy efficiency by using energy-saving lights. The List of optionsIt takes a long time to act in an environmentally friendly manner. Above all, light bulbs should be replaced by more energy-saving LEDs. In addition, care should be taken to ensure that these lights are always switched off when nobody is working in the office wing. Time switches for the lights can be worthwhile here.

5. Ensure a healthy and friendly indoor climate

A healthy and friendly indoor climate is becoming increasingly important in office design and is very easy to implement. Integrate some green into your office. Plants not only look good, they also provide healthy, fresh air in the area.

In addition to sustainability and efficiency, the ergonomics of an office design is also very important. So that their employees stay fit, they should loosen themselves from the rigid posture in front of the screen and ensure a work balance. There are many different ways to encourage your employees to exercise more. For example, you can place a high table for lunch in the social heart or place the coffee machine in a place that has to be walked a few meters beforehand. This can also help save heating costs.

Conclusion: the first step to an energy-efficient office

You see, you don't have to do all of your work Companys on the Head to make your working environment more environmentally friendly. In fact, it's better to just start with the transition first and then work your way up one step at a time. In the Service providers can help you find the right office property, the selection correspondingly energy-efficiently and to find the right rooms.

If they follow the tips above, their office building will fast to a very sustainable place. This has an equally positive effect on the environment and the work ethic of their employees. And that is finally decide for Success Of your company.

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