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Sylke Sergel, Head of Corporate Human Resources at EOS, tells us why Companys in digitization new ways have to go, just around IT-Talents to attract and how to get on Recruiting-Video generated 45.000 views.

Sylke Sergel, born in Oberhausen in 1974, studied business administration and started her Career in human resources. She worked in the construction industry and then in the automotive sector, where she worked in all HR-Areas was operationally and strategically active. Since May 2016 she has been Head of Corporate Human Resources at EOS, a financial services provider belonging to the Otto Group.

Mrs. Sergel, please describe briefly what EOS is and is doing as a company.

The EOS Group is one of the leading international providers of individual financial services and part of the Otto Group. The focus is on receivables management. There are three core business areas: fiduciary debt collection, debt purchase and Business process outsourcing.

With almost 8.000 employees, EOS offers around 20.000m customers in over 25 countries Welt with more than 60 subsidiaries, offers customized services in the B2C and B2B sectors. The serves us Combination of heart and mind always as a working basis.

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You have just started a new recruiting campaign with the “Virtual Beginner” video: What does this include, how long does the campaign run and what is the goal?

The Virtual Beginner video was a first step and a first response to the changed market conditions. We all know that these days, as a company, we're not necessarily spoiled for choice Choice among top candidates, but really about the best in the industry apply have to. And a flyer that you hand out at trade fairs from time to time is not enough. Differentiation plays a key role in making yourself stand out.

With the interactive format in recruitment, we are breaking new ground in the age of digitization in order to address the right talents. Above all, we want one thing: to be transparent and approachable. With this video we are taking a step in the right direction. It's about, Lust on EOS and share insights that Candidate or interested parties otherwise cannot easily obtain. We haven't set a campaign period for ourselves, rather it's a starting point.

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In which areas are you specifically looking for employees? And are there areas where it is particularly difficult to find suitable employees?

Like many large companies, we are looking for specialists in the areas of IT and analysis as well as in corporateFeatures.

Of course, we are not only faced with industry competition, but above all with local competition at our respective locations. IT experts in particular are currently in great demand, which is of course also challenging for us. We tackle this challenge with creative ways like the “Virtual Beginner” video.

What kind of applicants do you want to address specifically with your video? And what exactly do you want to achieve with the video?

As a company that is committed to digital leadership and is currently undergoing a cultural change, we are primarily looking for Employeeswho bring a high level of self-motivation, are enthusiastic about their topics and want to get things on the road. With the video we want to show how we work together - because that's what interests potential new employees the most. In many respects, the relationship is familiar and sympathisch.

It starts with such simple things that there is a pronounced Networkingculture and the employees are happy to support each other - above all in an interdisciplinary manner and across departmental boundaries. This openness is an integral part of our corporate culture. Our challenge is to transport exactly these positive facets, which can be experienced within EOS, to the outside world and to get potential employees excited about us. That's what we want to achieve with this playful insight into a possible first day at EOS.

There are several people in your video. Do employees otherwise act as brand ambassadors for your employer brand - keyword employees as testimonials?

Definitive. For us, it's not about using stock photos or models to recreate a world that the potential employee will not find at EOS at all. Above all, for the sake of transparency and authenticity, we rely on our own employees, as in our campaign.

For us, employees are the best brand ambassadors. Anyone who stands behind EOS, our culture and our values ​​can really get this across. I only recommend products that I have put through their paces beforehand.

What is the time and cost of such an interactive recruiting video?

It took us a good 9 months from start to launch. It's not without, from selection of employees and premises to viral ones Strategy – definitely not an easy task. Still, we have great Motivation of all contributors achieved a great result. Much more important to us than the budget is that all employees showed such great commitment and were also there in their free time.

With the video you deliberately focus on gamification as a trend and let the applicants interactively answer questions, also to test the fit to the company. Now there are already sophisticated psychological tests, so-called self-assessments, which query exactly this. Why have you limited yourself to only three questions?

Our video is all about a first impression and an appealing candidate experience. Of course we would have many more here Ask set up and “test” them in the course of the video. In the first step, however, we limited ourselves to three in order to give the applicant a brief and concise insight.

Besides that is awareness a hard-fought commodity on the web. If the user sees that the video lasts 20 minutes, the bounce rates are enormous. But we have other exciting projects in the pipeline, and maybe we'll add more variants to the video or add matching tools in the future. There is no standstill at EOS.

What feedback did you receive about the video / campaign? Have you already received (increased) demand from applicants?

So far we have consistently positive receive feedback. That was internal to the company Feedback also very affirmative. Many employees recognize their colleagues, see that we at EOS are breaking new ground and are happy that they can experience such innovative projects.

Also externally it finds good approval. So far, almost 80% of our applicants have played through the video in advance of an interview and gave us great feedback. We've got 45.000 views on youtube without having a big media budget behind them - we're proud of that.

Could you imagine using future technologies, such as Virtual Reality, to make the first working day more attractive for applicants?

Sure, we always keep those Eyes open to the latest trends and technologies. Whether our next Projects Virtual Reality includes? I don't want to reveal that yet.

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