Marie Kondo has realized that storing is only rarely smart and made it a veritable business model. But how do you ensure that nothing accumulates?

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Marie Kondo - rich and famous for cleaning up

Marie Kondo is characterized by being with others People mercilessly sorted out, become rich and famous. In doing so, it practically counteracts the human instinct to collect. However, it is much more efficient if things do not accumulate in the first place. How do you achieve that?

On this question, I think of a very stressful day: my first move. Because it turned out: I had accumulated without it, a lot of superfluous things, especially lots of books.

Order problem insidious hiding places

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And so it came, as it had to come: I had miscalculated in the amount of objects to be moved. And since all this stuff was supposed to start the journey from Bonn to Berlin with the moving van, that would have gone a hair wrong.

What happened? Sequentially. I was particularly fatal to so-called insidious hiding places such as desk drawers or photo cupboards - things that you don't see at first glance and therefore forget. Here, too, a lot of unnecessary ballast had accumulated with me and that was my doom.

Too well organized

In other words, I had organized my stuff too well. The books were, for example, on the shelf in two rows. As a result, the space was fully and efficiently exploited - because somehow bookshelves are always deeper than the books.

This arrangement was also not Problem, because thanks Internet I rarely had to dig out my books. The storage rooms were also used to the last square centimetre.

Cleanup dilemma basement

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But my biggest dilemma was the basement. There I had stored all the things that I didn't need that often, for example my winter jackets in summer (and vice versa). Or my old documents from the Uni.

And I was firmly convinced that I could clear out the things that were no longer necessary at any time with just one hand. But until then you could still pick it up - you never know ... You guessed that the story didn't end well.

What you do not need, does not even come into the apartment!

I remember the story of a couple who after the [move] deposited everything (!) In the cellar. If they needed something, they went get it and then it got a place in the apartment. What was still in the cellar after x months, they threw away uncompromisingly.

Or another story where all the dishes were deposited in the basement - in case guests came. There were only two glasses, plates and cutlery sets in the apartment, which were washed again and again after every meal. I can well imagine that one System for Order in the kitchen.

How to lose track

Unfortunately, dumping things in the basement had the opposite effect on me: I lost track of my belongings. I just didn't throw anything away. My apartment always worked nice and not particularly crowded either. And so I had no idea how many things I really had.

To make it short: The thing ended in a bit of chaos, but in the end it has somehow worked out. But I swore to myself: I'll never do that again.

Avoiding storage space helps - 4 tips

Since then, I have not made certain mistakes before and after moving to new apartments (for that for sure other). To the Measures, which I took so that I don't have the same problem again the next time I move house, include:

  1. Avoid storage space: Where there is space, something is accumulating. So, I deliberately did not buy cabinets or anything like that, I only had shelves, a chest of drawers - and the inevitable storage room, but this time it's much emptier.
  2. The basement remains empty: In the basement are only my bikes and things from the apartment, which belong to my landlord. Because in my experience you lose in the basement most likely the overview.
  3. The bookshelves only one row: What a waste of space - half the shelf is virtually unused. But the result is that I always keep an eye on all the books, which makes me notice something that I definitely do not need anymore. I sell it either via Amazon or put it on the book bank in my opposite.
  4. Occasional clearing is better than hauruck actions: Perhaps my most important finding is that in this way I am always trivializing little things, but never all at once. This makes it much less stressful. For example, I take the books or even old clothes off on the way to the subway. The danger with big entrustment actions is that you get stuck on the way.

The crux of storage: why picking up really brings nothing

What haunted me once again to deal with the topic clear has become: You keep many things carefully for years because you think that you might need them again at some point. Behind it is the pure Anxiety or the stinginess that you can do that Money then have to spend again.

However, what happened to me very often: If I looked for it, I did not find it. And I still had to get her again. As a matter of fact, picking up brings next to nothing, if one does not manage to find the things with one hand.

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