Work wherever and whenever you want – this dream can come true. With the right one Executive and the right equipment, you can do it yourself Team.

Mobile teamwork: 2 X 4 tips for the perfect workflow on the go

Why offices often seem like a torture chamber to us

Have you ever sat at a desk for so long that it feels like a personal torture chamber? It is generally accepted that the ideal Workplace is a place where the Employees are happy, relaxed and productive. And what's more: we all agree that the ideal workplace is a place where we can move freely and still get our work done.

Studies even show that employees are happier when they can decide how and where they do their work. They are also more likely to be engaged in their work if they have chosen the workplace themselves.

Freedom as a driving force: What does ideal work look like?

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When I set up my own business many years ago, one of my reasons, my driving force so to speak, was exactly what Marcus Albers said in his book “Meconomy: How we in Future live and work - and why we have to reinvent ourselves now” propagated as the ideal form of work: working freely and without boundaries, regardless of place and time, wherever you happen to be Lust and you like it.

It was also thanks to Markus Albers that this form of work was already discussed as a successful model for permanent employees thanks to his book “Tomorrow I'll come in later: For more freedom in permanent employment” and still is today. Precisely because this type of self-determination productivity and creativity increases. Albers wrote about this on the “Meconomy” website at the time:

“I would be traveling from somewhere on the Welt Article research and develop concepts. When I was back in Germany, I would advise publishers and agencies or give lectures. And if I ever feel wanderlust for a few months, I would just write the next book. In Bali, in Buenos Aires, Bangkok – or Born am Darß. I saw a life before me as I had always dreamed of: independent, cosmopolitan, comfortable.”

4 tips for working freely in beautiful places

A long-running topic that is relevant to a lot of people awareness ensures. Reason enough to give some inspiration as to what this work from anywhere can look like – tech gadgets such as power banks, power stations and solar cells make it possible.

  1. Art gallery with a view: My absolute favorite place to work was an artist's desk in his winter garden in Montalcino, Italy, in beautiful Tuscany: a desk in a romantic setting with a direct view of the absolutely incredible landscape around Montalcino, but still independent of the adversities of the weather because it was closed Space.
  2. With your laptop by the sea: My personal dream has always been to sit by the sea with my netbook because the sound of the sea and the air somehow make me particularly creative. However, there is a huge catch: drifting sand. And soon you'll have it everywhere: in your eyebrows, between your teeth - and in your laptop.
  3. Working in a mountain hut: Mobile working in a mountain hut with a view of the mountain panorama can also be a great opportunity to pursue creative and productive activities, with the great view being particularly motivating.
  4. In between times on the Rhine: It doesn't always have to be a long journey, sometimes creative work outside is possible from time to time. Even if not everyone is lucky enough to live in close proximity to the Rhine, everyone will have a similarly relaxing spot on their doorstep that invites inspiration and relaxation.

Does it have to remain a dream to work when and where you want?

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What sounds simple in theory is sometimes difficult to implement in practice, especially when it comes to working in a team: In many companies, the desk is the workplace where we do our work - at least when it comes to office work. If you suddenly want to take them home or somewhere else, problems often begin.

On the one hand, there are certain restrictions in many companies, for example regarding the length and frequency of mobile working. It is not uncommon for these to be restricted or, in theory, there is unlimited opportunity to work freely, the practice of which is then decided by the team.

A second Problem is the technical one Implementation: Not all technical devices have the necessary battery capacity, for example to spend a whole working day in the fresh air. But there is also that Solutions.

Mobile working promotes creativity and motivation

So what does that mean exactly? Working mobile literally means that you can freely choose your place of work. The big advantage for me - and not just for me: more and more employees, self-employed people and yes, even entire companies are taking advantage of this opportunity. But what does it actually look like when people are in their dream jobs? act?

Working in creativity-promoting dream places has long since found its way into Germany and other countries. There are many companies in the USA whose concept for success is to give their companies maximum freedom in organizing their work location and working hours and to motivate and retain employees accordingly.

How does mobile working in a team work?

This assumes that working within a social group, which in the work context is referred to as teams, also works if not all members of the respective team are in one place. To do this, it must be ensured that the Communication also works via digital tools such as cell phones, laptops, cameras. But employers also need to particularly promote team cohesion. There is, for example Teambuilding-Games designed specifically for mobile teams. These games can help improve collaboration and communication within the team and bring team members closer together.

There is also a second variant of mobile team work: This can also take place in a café, a co-working space, a park or another beautiful location. It is not for nothing that it has become established in many companies to take the entire workforce on vacation and, for example, work together from Mallorca for six weeks. Workation is the technical term for this special form of business trip. The right equipment is also essential for this. And in both cases compliance is specific Regulate necessary.

4 rules for successful mobile teamwork

If possible, these rules should cover all areas of mobile Teamwork I would like to give you some suggestions here:

  1. Set clear rules and guidelines: How is communication done? Who does what and when? And what happens if individual team members cannot be reached?
  2. Features: Make sure that all employees have the necessary technology and infrastructure, including cell phones and laptops as well as power banks or a power station and, if necessary, a solar panel.
  3. State of knowledge: Make sure employees have the necessary skills and knowledge. It's no use if some employees in the team don't know what to do or, in the worst case, can't use team tools.
  4. Resources: Make sure employees have the necessary resources. This includes a (mobile) internet connection and enough electricity. For example, if the team works outside, a mobile power station that can charge multiple devices at the same time is useful.

With a 50% discount – From laptops to solar panels: This is what counts when it comes to mobile equipment

For mobile working, you need appropriate equipment to work productively and effectively. Basic equipment includes a laptop or tablet, a stable internet connection, a headset or headphones with a microphone, a webcam, a mouse and a keyboard. If you travel a lot, it is also advisable to take a power bank and a mobile WiFi device with you.

A power station is ideal for teams or longer stays. The Hong Kong based Company Wanroy provided me with a portable power station with 600W or 648Wh output for a long-term test, as well as a 100W solar panel. I'm thrilled with the parts because now I can do both Office as well as working outside with solar power and I am completely independent of location because the power station only weighs 6 kg but can charge up to seven devices at the same time.

Conclusion: How the right working environment promotes innovation in the company

It is extremely important that you have a suitable work environment in which you feel comfortable and can work productively. And this requires more than an ergonomic desk with a comfortable chair, good lighting and a pleasant room temperature.

A creative, inspiring environment is much more important in order to be productive and motivated in the long term. And you have to create this environment for yourself and, if necessary, for your team. This may seem like an impossible task if you've been stuck in the operations of your business until now Company were involved. But you should use the opportunity to initiate changes in your company and thus promote innovation. Because only the right inspiration motivates you to achieve top performance that will really advance your company.

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