Sylt is probably the most famous island in the Wadden Sea. Two islands to the north is located clear more natural the Danish Fanø. Here you can work in a relaxed manner or simply enjoy yourself.


The ideal island to shut down

I was pretty stressed out when I arrived on Fanø: Too much work in the days before, the heatwave in Germany - and not least the somewhat stressful journey, which gave me two rail replacement bus trips between Niebüll and Schleswig Holstein and Ribe in Denmark - whereas By car in three hours to the ferry dock in Eisbjerg drives.

It was also found out that credit cards are everywhere accepted, but not all taxis (and also bars) on the island also accept German credit cards.

But once these hurdles had been overcome, I was able to move into my little, idyllic holiday home in the dunes between Rindby and Nordby. Fanø is the northernmost island of the Wadden Sea with a size of 56 KM², has 3.200 inhabitants. grows each year by washed up sand around 30 cm.


First resort in Denmark

Enthusiastic here is the quiet, relaxed atmosphere, which immediately puts you in a relaxation mode. Nature, culture, gastronomy - this is the motto of the island.

No wonder it is the birthplace of Danish tourism: 1891 was the first spa in Denmark. Members of the Danish royal house also came back to the island.


2.700 Cottages

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And even today, there are about 40.000 visitors every summer. Nevertheless, the island is largely peaceful and peaceful. Because the majority of the tourists live on the seven campsites and in the 2.700 holiday homes, a large part of Danibo.

It is pleasant that these are not stuck together in a settlement and are all individually designed - although all around People are, one has the impression of being alone.


Equipment and price

Not only the architecture, but also the equipment is very different: My house was for example quite small and a little older with only two bedrooms, without washing machine, but with WLAN, fireplace, dishwasher and closed terrace.

In the high season it costs 620 euros per week, in winter it is already available for 320 euros per week. There are also houses that have a washing machine, tumble dryer, several floors, underfloor heating, sauna, whirlpool or swimming pool, there are houses with a traditional thatched roof or modern design houses that are in the forest or with sea views. The Costs with the appropriate equipment can be up to 1600 euros per week in the high season.


More relaxed than any hotel

It was my first holiday home stay and I was relatively thrilled: many things of daily needs, such as cleaning utensils, were already available, linens and towels could be borrowed for a fee from 10 Euro. Everything else could be bought in the nearby supermarket.

Because you already have everything at home, you can actually relax much better than in a hotel, where you are tied to a fixed rhythm by the maid and the meal times and inevitably with the other guests in Contact comes.


Cycling along the beach

Also, that I was on Fanø without a car, had worked well: arrival and departure to the house by taxi, otherwise I could do all inclusive shopping by bike.

Beautiful at Fano is that one can ride a bike even to the beach and the beach, if the hardness of the sand allows. The background is that you can go by car to the beach in Denmark and the beach is literally flattened, so that you can go even in places even quite comfortably directly by the sea.


Beach and leisure activities

Of course, there are also normal bike paths, such as the new panoramic route 404, which leads past the most beautiful places on the island. But also for riding the island is very good. The very wide beach of Fano is known especially among beach sailors, for whom a large area is reserved, on which you can roar along with a speed of 70 KM / h.

This is all the more enjoyable, as the beach on the west side of the island towards the open sea is very wide - in the north of the island even 5 KM - and so offers enough space for all those seeking relaxation.

Most of them also drive by car to the beach. For beach towels, however, the sand is too damp and also an infrastructure with beach bars and deckchairs is in vain: building something on the beach is simply not allowed in Denmark.


Sports and kite flying

The only thing left to do is to move and fortunately on Fano you can also practice numerous other sports such as kayaking, stand-up paddling, kite and wind surfing or golf. For more information one can contact Jesper Voss from Fano Sport and Events, who is also fluent German speaks and also offers trips to see seals and oysters.

Once a year the largest kite fliers takes place on the island Meeting of Welt where thousands of hang-gliders gather on the beach. You should only be careful when walking on the mudflats, because the tide is very treacherous and fog can appear even in summer, so that the danger of getting lost is very high.


The administrative center Nordby

In the north of the island lies Nordby, with 2.800 inhabitants the business and administrative center of the island, which is also a separate municipality. Here you can find town hall, school (until the 10 school year), doctors, library and other important institutions.

Architecturally, the center of Nordby is distinguished by numerous beautiful houses, some of which are 200 to 300 years old. Today these are mainly inhabited by ship reeders and captains, who have a great interest in the maintenance of the old building fabric. There are regular events in the summer, such as flea market, church concerts or street theater. There is no discotheque here as in the whole island.


Denmark's most beautiful village

In the south of the island, 12 KM from Nordby lies Sønderho, the 2011 was crowned as the most beautiful village in Denmark. Particularly worth seeing are the Fanø Kunstmuseum, the mill of 1895, the Schifferhaus Hannes Hus from the year 1750 as well as the church. Many buildings are subject to strict conservation regulations.

In Sonderho is also the best restaurant on the island: The Sønderho Kro, to German Krug. It was built 1722 and is the oldest building in Sønderho and one of the oldest jugs in Denmark. The restaurant is located just a few meters from the dyke and is operated by Charlotte and Jakob Sullstadt.


Culinary delights

It has been awarded several times and is the only restaurant on the island offering the star-level food of the region: the 7-course dinner offers pickled cod, chicken with chanterelles from the garden, Baksuld, the typical local fish, beach herbs, Rödkit, the typical Danish cheeses, summer berries and beach herbs - served in the easy way that is typical of the new Nordic cuisine. With 595 Danish crowns, this epicurean pleasure is unfortunately quite expensive.

My conclusion: Fanø is recommended as a relaxing, relaxed island - especially if you plan on the beach and sports activities, like to cycle or go for a walk - or simply relax in beautiful surroundings.


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