Many Candidatewho with excellent impressions of the University come fail in the end im Assessment Center. But why is that? And why is that Method still so popular among recruiters?

Assessment center for application & job search: procedures, methods, exercises, templates

Assessment Center: Employers want to put applicants to the test

Quite a few applicants feel like this: top documents, a top impression in the job interview and the fact that their own qualifications perfectly match the job. You actually have the job as good as in your pocket, don't you?

Wrong thought, because the gray theory doesn't always work out to get the coveted position. Because many Companys also want to know exactly who they are hiring and test the applicants extensively in the assessment center. That can be Eye go if you are not properly prepared.

How useful are assessment centers?

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Assessment centers are used to put applicants through their paces in order to determine their suitability for the job. Companies do this by exposing job applicants to particularly stressful group situations Tasks ask – and you Behavior watch closely with trained personnel.

It's not about technical skills or the level of knowledge: Above all, companies want to find out who fits into the respective corporate culture and who doesn't. Applicants should use their social Expertise, their communication skills, their Teamwork and demonstrate their leadership behavior.

There is no standardized procedure

The assessment center is not a standardized procedure in everyone Company would be the same, because every company attaches importance to different aspects. That's why it's so difficult to prepare for it. Yet it is useful, to know the most important points and some processes in advance to practice – for example in special training seminars that help to optimize one’s own behavior in the group:

Because an assessment center usually begins with an introduction to the respective company. If you listen carefully here, you can find out what the company attaches great importance to and what functions the observers in the assessment center have. This is usually followed by the round of introductions, in which each applicant only has a few minutes to convey the most important things about themselves.

Communicate briefly and concisely why you are the right person

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But it's less about his hopes for his own professional life Future to reveal, but to convey briefly but concisely why you are absolutely suitable for this job. The listener should be curious and you should present yourself positively. Negative formulations and self-criticism are therefore completely inappropriate. But also exaggerations and acting.

An important part of an assessment center is also the group discussion on a topic. Because the job aspirants are in direct competition with each other. Do you sit in silence or do you listen I aufmerksam and makes meaningful contributions? Or do you constantly grab the floor and talk the other discussants to the ground? Who has the better, valid arguments? And who is good at moderating?

Presentation tasks and role plays

Presentation tasks or role-playing games that are intended to simulate a particularly stressful situation in everyday working life are just as classic as they are feared: The mailbox exercise, in which applicants have to process documents but are repeatedly disturbed, or conversations between bosses and employees are popular here.

At the end of an assessment center is the feedback interview, in which the impression made by the applicant is evaluated. If the job doesn't work out, you should Feedback for Preparation look at other assessment centers and ask if you don't understand something. Because who on the Criticism insulted reacts, squanders the chance to do better next time. My full post and what you can do to properly prepare is here:

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