Even if social Ask im TV duels before elections almost never happen, they are no less pressing. For example: Unemployment is often far more than a financial loss for those affected, especially long-term unemployment can have a serious impact.

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TV duel and urgent social issues

In the TV duel between Angela Merkel and Martin Schulz, pressing social issues did not come up. That's a shame, because the issue of unemployment continues to be a major threat for many People. Because in Germany there are still around 4,4 million recipients of Hartz IV. Most of them are long-term unemployed. Most people know that receiving Hartz IV is precarious, to say the least.

Even in the course of digitization and automation, it seems like pure irony that the CDU is campaigning with the slogan “full employment by 2025”. But one must not forget: Even if August unemployment rose a little due to seasonal factors, it is currently a fact that overall unemployment is at a historically low level that has not been seen since reunification.

The 5 dangers of long-term unemployment

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At least when it comes to the pure numbers. Unfortunately, the official unemployment statistics do not show how many of the non-unemployed people are working in precarious jobs that barely bring the bare necessities to life. Nevertheless, long-term unemployment is unfortunately associated with great stigmatization. 5 reasons.

1. The pension

Who is referring to ALG-1, for whom is the Still relatively comparatively harmless, because provided he was unemployed at least in the short term in a year before Job was employed who is subject to pension insurance, the employment agency will continue to pay the pension insurance contributions. Not so for the long-term unemployed.

In principle, the payment is suspended when receiving Hartz IV. This means that every single month that you draw ALG-2 is a lost one, which can still take revenge decades after the end of unemployment because the pension sum is lower. But not only that: anyone who is comparatively close to retirement age (and this Term can be interpreted broadly by the job centers) slips in Hartz, can and will be forcibly relegated, even if this signifies a substantial reduction in its rent sum. Only one practice was defused:

Every single month, when you do not pay into the pension fund, has a reduced pension entitlement.

Since last year, there has no longer been a compulsory pension if this means that pension becomes so low that the person concerned has to apply for basic security.

2. The qualification

You can be accurate the right education have graduated. You can have enjoyed further training and have your finger on the pulse of the times in your job. But if circumstances to be added, which one does not check (e.g. company insolvency), then such groups of people are also threatened by unemployment. And from day one of this state, a merciless clock starts ticking.

With every day that you don't work, you slide a little further down the valley from the previously high level of your professional knowledge. The Problem remember: Even if you keep fit as an unemployed person in terms of professional knowledge, that counts at Job Search hardly because HR only look at “real” work knowledge.

Who fast and the Background obsolete, of course, depends on the Industry away. An electronics technician working in the smart home field may have lost a significant part of their knowledge after just one year, while a chef has a shallower "slipping angle". But after a few years of being unemployed, every profession bottoms out. The point at which the qualification still under a middle of the Vocational Training stuck trainee lies.

3. The Poor

Already Hartz IV in and of itself is often criticized for the fact that there are people in the poverty drives. Not only because the need for regulation is already very low. No, but because, in order to be able to apply for Hartz IV at all, the whole thing assets must be used up to a very small residual amount.

360 Euro monthly receives an ALG-2 beneficiary with an adult partner. It is particularly critical if you have to pay for these maturities with minimum amounts; for example in mortgage loans. For those who do not pay attention to a residual debt insurance when signing a contract, which secures him at the onset of unemployment, in which the credit and thus the house is equally in double danger.

On the one hand because of the ablation as well as the value of the house. And the cases in which the job center takes the installments are extremely rare and practically only occur when the credit is almost paid off and the rates are in the range of a local rent.

And even those who live in a paid-off home are, under certain circumstances, when the jobcenter the living space as too large - and this is the case for singles and couples without children, everything that is about 80m² - will be forced to sell the house and live on this sum before Hartz is paid at all.

who for lack Money who can hardly take part in activities usually inevitably also loses his social environment.

4. The social environment

If you are unemployed, you have to turn over every penny several times. And therein lies the big problem for a regulated social life. Those who previously earned well could participate in the lives of their acquaintances, could enjoy the cinema, concerts and the like. Those who are long-term unemployed, on the other hand, have to say “no” more and more often. Even with academics, it is usually the case that the social environment erodes bit by bit. Friends turn away, either because you can't keep up financially, or because a "Hartzer" in their midst simply rejects them themselves Anxiety power.

Often, though not always, families also break apart. Especially children suffer when, to refer to ALG-2, a relocation also throws their lives totally out of line, separates them from their previous environment. Add to that Stigma on the Pausenhof and also the fire-threatening acceptance. Children of Hartz IV recipients have a significantly increased Risksto later belong to the educational precariat and end up in low-skilled jobs. And in general, many long-term unemployed live in a kind of isolation. The bad thing about it: You get used to this condition at some point.

5. The neglect

Because the human spirit tends to somehow come to terms with even the most adverse circumstances. This can be observed again and again in history. Even forced laborers eventually reach a point of acceptance and not only resign themselves to their fate, but learn to make themselves reasonably comfortable with it. Long-term unemployment is not quite as catastrophic, but it also increases the chances that you will come to terms with your situation, usually faster than you would have thought possible. In this condition act the good advice on the arrival of unemployment how shrewd mockery:

Somehow you no longer stand up in the morning with the alarm clock, dresses well, network what keeps the stuff, cleans the house, writes highly motivated applications.

Sometimes you stay up late at night. You sleep late in the morning, sit in front of the TV, do irrelevant stuff in the Internet. Yes, at some point you came to terms with the greatly reduced financial scope. People have learned to leave superfluous items on the supermarket shelves. Expensive fashion, electronics, trend products are then just a memory - and a rich, varied diet too. Because if a can of ravioli for 79 cents fills your stomach just as well as a complete, healthy organic menu for 10 euros, at some point thrift will win. In fact, many Hartz recipients are overweight - but only because of the forced poor diet.

Now you don't even have to argue that being overweight reduces your chances of getting a new job, even though that's a fact. It's enough if you put yourself in front Eyes thinks that in this situation you are in such a motivational hole that you have practically no motivation Energy can muster more to get out of it. At some point the battery will simply be drained due to deprivation, disappointments and maybe dozens or hundreds of applications rejected.


Long-term unemployment is not just “having less money”. It's a lot more. It's a downward spiral that pulls you down in no time. Everything that was taken for granted before unemployment has been taken for granted Head placed. And with every day that the condition lasts longer, not only do the effects become more serious, but the habituation becomes more intense.

The own professional knowledge dissolves, the job opportunities dwindle, the disappointment grows and the Motivation is lost. And the only way to avoid all of that, as soon as the ALG-1 reference time draws to a close, is to consistently swallow any form of pride and take any form of work. Because no matter how overqualified you might think: Everything is better than doing nothing at all.

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