Screen work, hectic and the stay in rooms make us mentally and physically flat. We can fully exploit our potential in a very simple way.

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We are sentiments that are eager for fellowship

We are missing something if we are not allowed to identify with a community. But that also requires it Trust. But waste it Company enormous performance potential.

City marathon, football world cup and Oktoberfest. We love to run pointlessly in masses in one direction, to bawl and maybe get drunk drunk in love. Totally normal and absolute healthy for our species. We need this.

We must be emotional to the limit and beyond. We must be allowed to belong. We must be able to identify with a bunch of other Homo Sapiens. We will flourish when this group recognizes and needs us. We get into ecstasy when we are allowed to expend ourselves for this bunch.

The heritage of evolution

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You do not believe that? These views do not fit into our enlightened and so individual time? That we have long since filed?

Why then do doctors agree that the mass phenomenon of obesity is the evolutionary impossibility that has changed in such a short time circumstances to adjust. (We are talking about a period of more than 10.000 years!). Seems long enough, but our systems seem to see it differently.

Without fellowship we are unhappy

Mentally and emotionally, on the other hand, we demand a day-specific adjustment. We can think what we are doing, but we cannot do it yet feel. Man is an emotional being that seeks spirituality, something higher Sinn and intimate fellowship. Without this community, he cannot develop optimally.

That's why so many children - and now adults too - don't come clear in life. They lack a stable and adequately sized Family. An environment you can always rely on. No technical device, no consumer item and no individualistic pretense can ever deliver what we really need emotionally. We are not turtles that crawl into the open sea after hatching.

Company, the new tribes

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We have abandoned the emotional social structure, which is the basic motivation of all economic progress, in favor of unprecedented economic development. It was the preservation of the clan, the future of the tribe that People always prompted them to discover continents and wage wars. Within us are many millennia of archaic flowering of individual abilities for the benefit of the community. The community has always counted for more than the individual.

Whose triumph benefited the community and distinguished him as an individual. It was in the community's own interest that everyone found their "calling". that each his Power brought to bloom. The better the individual succeeded in doing this, the more the community benefited. Today we leave that to the individual. It doesn't really work. In order for us to develop optimally, we need emotionally close people who have a genuine interest in us bringing our greatest strengths to bear.

The misunderstood power of the tribe leads to a shock epidemic

The fact that employees mostly show little real dedication in their work is also the result of the hire-and-fire culture. Anyone who has been released has not just lost a job, he was expelled from a community. This was the time of our history of mankind worse than the death penalty.

Of course, today we have no real livelihood after a termination. But inwardly something breaks. Firstly, the employee tries to take up the new corporate culture and to integrate, to find his place, to build trust and to show off his abilities, but he is not wanted any more from today.

3 tips for more confidence

A tremendous shock. This shock epidemic infects the survivors and the social environment of the fired. If he is not shocked, he has not really worked hard and has not yet discovered his vocation, his pride in his own work.

Anyone who wants to make the sincere desire of dedication in their employees effective in deeds must create an all-round trusting environment.
How this works is very simple in itself:

  1. We consider our counterpart as worth as much as ourselves and bring it true appreciation.
  2. All that is promised is also kept. It was worth it.
  3. If there are reasons for which the promised are outdated, a new agreement will be made on the basis of the new facts.

Overload by flood of information

We see that enormous energies and thus performance potential lie dormant in us and our colleagues, which we experience on many different occasions, but mainly in our free time.

In most cases it is due to the impossibility of Tasks– and information overload, your own needs and to recognize wishes and those of colleagues aptly. We could do far more if we responded to our very own needs for real contact with nature and real social support.

Use the natural gene

Yes. It is actually so simple. We humans, each one of us, carry something within us, which becomes active immediately, when we only come close to nature. I call it the nature gene.

It is stored in us just like all the genetic information that determines what we look like, how big we are, which ones Eyes– and what color hair we have. Almost all of our ancestors - and that's over 10.000 just from the recent human history of Homo sapiens - lived completely in nature. So we can do it, we carry it within us!

To be alone or rather in nature?

It is best to switch our natural nature to POWER when we are alone in nature. Only then do we really take it seriously. Prerequisite: Smartphone in flight mode and without a quadruple! In this case alone means alone.

Nobody to distract us! But with a notepad for the good ones ideas – or the dictation function in the smartphone. Because the ideas, they will bubble up. Don't deprive yourself of the opportunity to immediately note the fruits of these newly awakened creative treasures. Because the more high-tech surrounds us, the more of it we use, the more nature we need in order to remain healthy, creative and productive in the long term. It's easy. It costs nothing. And it works.

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