self-expression and Online-Reputations are almost more important than that when applying today Write to. What should job seekers and Candidate make sure it doesn't backfire?


What does applying online mean for job seekers?

The Internet changes that work life at a gallop – and with it the recruitment processes in the Company. If you are on a job apply, you want to make sure you're making a good first impression and that your personal and professional history stands out. Reputation matters, and this is especially true when it comes to online reputation.

Because although everyone should know how important a good reputation is Workplace is, but there are still many Peoplewho apply for jobs online without considering how online reputation can affect their chances of getting a job.

The digital business card counts more than the perfect cover letter

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In fact, a lot has changed when it comes to applications: HR These days, they prefer to receive application documents digitally - in her eMailMailbox or via online form on the company's own career page. And even that is as good as outdated again.

Applying online is popular, in other words: the digital business card is more important than cover letters and Curriculum vitae. The CV should of course still be correct and correlate with the information that can be found online. There are Instagram pictures from the sabbatical in Australia fast Ask raise. Therefore, do not omit any important information and, as a precaution, include everything, even if it is not directly related to your last position.

The motto is "Show who you are!"

Contacts are also in this form of Job Search extremely important: Applicants are challenged, their own Network actively expand, use social media for job hunting and present yourself there. The motto for yoke-seekers is: "Show who you are". Therefore, your online reputation is particularly important: Keep track not only of your CV, but also of yours Appear on the Internet. Being present on the web – that's what it's all about.

young-people-to-do”>Self-presentation on the internet is part of the game for young people today. The Presentation of one's own person on the net with videos, images and texts is also not a problem for most of today's graduates and young professionals Problem, is dealing with Facebook, Youtube, Instragram and Co. for the generation Y and Z nevertheless common practice. Self-marketing on the Internet is something they are completely familiar with.

Online reputation: self-portrayal with pitfalls

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And yet stories about unhappy postings or old comments keep circulating that, once unearthed, can shake entire careers. Mindfulness is required here, without bending too much - a difficult balancing act.

This is also a question of one's own image. If you want to come off as an expert, don't post party pictures. When you apply for a job online, no one wants to see you self-congratulatory. Instead, it's far better to be humble. And, well, maybe a little funny too. That shows you confident but not so much that you think you're hilarious.

Applicant videos popular with companies

For their part, employers have of course long since recognized the applicants' affinity, and many of them have already firmly anchored social media in their employer communication. Technology-driven companies in particular are already using social media for their employee search and recruitment, other companies are following suit. They also have to if they want to compete in the battle for talent.

In order to present themselves attractively as employers, more and more companies are discovering the power of images and videos in particular. In corporate videos, for example, they give job seekers an insight into corporate values ​​and culture as well as the working atmosphere. About onlineJobs this is hardly possible.

Employees advertise the company

And in job videos, they can do theirs Employees Let people talk about you as an employer in order to convince future employees. Conversely, progressive companies are also open to videos of applicants. A trend that will continue and that job seekers should take up.

Because beyond formal letters of motivation, it is becoming increasingly important for them to authentic showcase. Personal impressions and personal fit count more and more. So a tip for job seekers: be a pioneer, record an applicant video and distribute it on social media or send it directly to the company after contacting them beforehand.

Use online recruiting interviews

It is also an advantage for applicants if they do not wait for video meetings on the Internet - so-called onlineRecruiting-Interviews – cringe. Long established in the USA, there are more and more companies in Germany that interview applicants via video – for example via Skype.

The mail order company Otto, for example, handles job interviews already this way. This saves the company time and Money, – and the applicant as well.

Digital business card instead of high-gloss folder

On the other hand, those who still send paper applications today shouldn't be surprised if the job change doesn't work out. Instead of looking for a job via online job advertisements and applying with a glossy application folder, applicants are increasingly relying on self-marketing with a digital business card.

It also says: Eyes on for the recruiting trends of the companies. Anyone who is up-to-date and "plays along" will definitely secure many opportunities before others Candidates.

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