Work is no longer only done in the Office completed. Thanks to smartphones, tablets and laptops, many use it People also occasions such as longer train journeys in order to accrued Tasks to do. What could be more obvious than doing the bookkeeping on the go?


Why does everything have to be mobile?

Working in the home office is gaining in importance. This also applies to executives, managers and self-employed persons, of course. However, they must also devote themselves to other tasks besides their core business.

This includes the Payroll accounting. With the help of special software, this can now be done easily while on the go.

Do Bookkeeping From Anywhere - 10 Point Checklist

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Particularly self-employed, who are traveling a lot, can profit enormously from mobile bookkeeping. It allows them to comply with the legal deadlines at any time.

A mobile mode, as for example the Lexware in its salary software offers, but ideally has many other advantages. Here one checklist with 10 points to watch out for:

  1. Mobile access: You can work from home. If it is no different, because time is pressing, you can make important changes also at the weekend or even from the vacation.
  2. More time for customers: No matter where you are - you can make adjustments quickly and flexibly. This saves a lot of time you can devote to your customers.
  3. Can be used on several workstations: When you access a client / server solution, you can use the program on up to three workstations without having to purchase an additional license.
  4. Constant updates: Updates ensure compliance with legal requirements and an integrated portal provides relevant news.
  5. User friendliness: The easy-to-use masks have accessibility features - almost as if one of the accountants is looking over their shoulder.
  6. Simple data entry: Plausibility checks are available and master data can easily be maintained.
  7. Simple check of the bookings: With the help of payment and booking lists, wages can be easily checked.
  8. Easy access to the tax office: An ELSTER interface ensures easy transmission of the data to the financial office.
  9. Automatic reminder: There is an automatic reminder of appointments for sending the employment tax return.
  10. Simple employee administration: An uncomplicated employee and health insurance administration provides an overview. Work and absence times can also be recorded quickly and easily.

Why do you even need accounting software?

Simple question, simple answer: you save Money. The more customers and Employees you have, the greater the administrative effort and the higher the costs Costs, which are incurred for bookkeeping if this is left to a tax consultant or an external specialist.

therefore decide more and more entrepreneurs are taking on this task themselves. Special software is extremely helpful for this. Due to the user-friendly and intuitively designed interfaces, it is no problem for laypeople to get used to it without a long training period fast to navigate such programs. This avoids annoying and, in the worst case, costly mistakes.

Another, often decisive argument for independent accounting is that you always have an overview of your own financial situation. This detailed insight into your own daily business is invaluable for entrepreneurs.

Conclusion: use mobile possibilities

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The ability to do the bookkeeping while on the go and have access to the most important data at any time can save entrepreneurs not only a lot of time, but also a lot of money.

Especially those who are often on business trips can not go wrong with an accounting program that has a mobile mode. The time thus gained can be used for the actual core business.

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