“The struggle for talent”, “Skilled workers in short supply”, “The human factor”, “Human Capital Management” - the shortage of skilled workers is a long-running issue in German media. Often one reads terms and phrases that make the said “specialists” appear as faceless, freely malleable mass.

5 Tips for Talent Management in Recruiting: People must be the center of attention

Why is it hard for companies to convince employees?

The extent of the need for specialists in the different markets is not to be answered at this point. Rather, we take a change of perspective. After all, the so-cited specialists have a completely different view on the subject:

For them, the shortage on the other side presents itself as an oversupply. They are in the comfortable position of choosing the best employer for them - from an abundance of Companyswho care about her awareness court. Why do so many companies seem to have such a hard time convincing job seekers?

Expert deficit: Eruieren instead of speculating

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Part of the answer to this question is certainly based on the fact that many companies do not know what offers or even what factors they can use to attract potential new employees. Wherever they come from - they often do not know or only insufficiently know what the current staff thinks. Our solution for that Problem “Lack of skilled workers”: investigate instead of speculating – in your own company.

The real humanCapitalthat should be “managed” is in the minds of the current ones Employees. This is where the wishes and expectations of the employer are found, which - if they are heard and taken seriously - make the employees happier and thus the company more successful in the long run.

Satisfied employees are the best recruiters

Employee satisfaction is one Recruitingengine, because satisfied employees will advertise their company: selectively through word-of-mouth propaganda or with greater reach through employer rating platforms in the Internet.

But there is more value in the heads. Your employees know where the Power and the weaknesses are in the company itself and certainly have suggestions for improvement. Most employees share this Background happy when they experience that their input is heard and implemented.

5 tips for better talent management

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So how is better talent management going? We have 5 tips for you on how to do that - because it's actually quite simple:

1. Take your feedback seriously

Ask You specifically look for what worries your employees, what motivates them and what values ​​they represent. With Feedback Management make the values ​​of your employees a credible part of the corporate culture.

By taking employee feedback seriously and managing it professionally, you show your company Team whole clear your Esteem. Employees who are valued feel and can identify with the values ​​of the company are more motivated, more productive and quit less often.

2. Use the experience and knowledge of your employees

The knowledge of your employees can even become a competitive advantage for your company. From compliments to complaints, your employees hear everything. Ask what the customers (and also non-customers) say

3. Ask purposefully

Ask your employees specific questions: Have you heard that one of our competitors is better at something than we are? What exactly does the competition do better? What are the customers complaining about with our products? And what are the most common complaints about the products of the competition?

Use a consolidated feedback software to integrate this knowledge into your competition analysis, regularly and consistently. You will be surprised at what your employees reveal when they simply report from their daily business.

4. Perform employee surveys

This is even a step further: Perform regular employee surveys.

Companies that take feedback from their employees seriously increase demonstrably the quality of their products and services and ultimately their profitability.

5. Put people and their knowledge at the center

The knowledge of your employees is an important asset. Professional Feedback Management unlocks this capital - for mutual benefit:

So ask that People and his knowledge is the focus of your company, then the shortage of skilled workers will be history for you from now on.

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