The level of suffering among salespeople and executives varies, especially in middle management. What matters is how often and how intensely the pressure is applied Stress changes and at which level the handling takes place. Individual emotions generate different trains of thought and solutions.

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Strategies for processing (from pressure)

Pressure and the associated stress must be counteracted. There are many Strategies for optimal Balance between one's own wishes, expectations and external or self-imposed specifications. Even if a permanent one Harmony probably not possible.

The range of stress factors is wide. Influencing variables are possibly the employer, the manager, the range of services, the colleagues, the customers, the competitors and the Seller even to his private environment.

Typological classification

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Basically, it can not be said that a low-turnover salesman is more stressed or more susceptible to stress than a top seller. Every person, every environment is different, and both can be found in both.

Every now and then a little pressure and stress are normal - and are part of life. Permanent stress, on the other hand, is harmful. Therefore, it is important to check which set screws we can turn to keep the pressure on an acceptable level.

Chance instead of load

Important for a relaxed day-to-day sales routine is the belief that selling is a great opportunity for personal development. different People and situations create countless opportunities to try out new things and to grow through encounters and experiences.

Permanent pressure of time and success as well as constant demand for top performance program stressful situations. In the day-to-day work of a seller, only light overlook typical traps. However, knowing such stumbling blocks could bring some serenity. The Reset It helps to correctly classify stressful moments, to deal with them better and ultimately to convert them into one's own advantage.

3 tips against the no-perseverance trap

Acquiring new customers is not easy. It is usually the case that sellers are too fast give up, often after the first Contact or the first No. Sellers must not see themselves as victims or expect everything to work out overnight.

You need Endurance and must definitely factor in the time factor. Stress often arises because too much is to be achieved in too short a time – and too late with it Implementation is started. Sellers must be long-distance runners. And just like a professional athlete trains regularly, so should salespeople regularly at their Tasks and their performance work. The following three tips will help:

  1. Goals should demand, but not overwhelm: People usually surpass what they can afford in the short term, and underestimate what they could create in the long term. This is why it is important to set personal targets that are demanding, but do not overwhelm them.
  2. Every day a bit: "You can also eat an elephant if you cut the pieces small enough." True to this saying, it is helpful to do something regularly, preferably even daily, that brings us closer to our own goals.
  3. Good preparation creates faster success: If you want to win new customers or place new products on the market, you and your customers will be very pleased when they prepare themselves well. What does the customer have of the offer? What are the objections? How can they be weakened? How can the price become a purchase, instead of becoming a buying obstacle?

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