"People can achieve amazing things together" once said Future researcher Matthias Horx in a lecture. One can only agree with that. Nevertheless, many people cannot fully use their potential due to a lack of funding, a lack of economic opportunities or poor starting conditions. That harms him Society, as the Choice of Trump or Brexit shows. How can this be changed?

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Your own path is becoming ever more important

The development of potential is an increasingly important topic in our society: while training and career paths used to be more or less standardized and mapped out, in our digitized and networked society it will become increasingly important for people to have their own creative and unusual ideas ways gehen, such as management foreman Gunther Dueck.

Also in Company this is increasingly an issue: Because more and more often I hear from recruiters and personnel marketers that creative and innovative problem solvers, who, for example, also deal with technical issues as independently as possible Solutions can be incorporated and even types of entrepreneurs are desperately sought.

Have courage to go your own way!

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That is precisely why I think it is important that young people in particular who are just starting their careers or who want to re-orientate themselves professionally not only have tips for shaping Curriculum vitae and letter of application get, but that we adults help them to discover their very own abilities.

This includes the Courage also to exceptional ones Career- and to follow paths in life as well as the stamina, own ideas and Set to pursue despite adversity.

Down from the dead horse!

Maybe that's why we're shining on Best of HR - Berufebilder.de® has been creating new forms of work for years and has been interviewing people around the world about innovative business and marketing ideas as well as new and traditional job profiles, through which we document all facets of social change.

Here are some more examples: “Get off the dead horse” is recommended by Tom Diesbrock in his Series of contributions to a new career. In the article I show which difficulties you have to deal with when it comes to career orientation ”Which profession suits me?”Over the years, many of our readers have written down their stories as founder reports or reported on their life paths in guest posts.

Development of potential - but not for everyone

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Unfortunately, it's not that easy that you just have to give people a few tips and then they get started full of enthusiasm. Unfortunately, the opposite is often the case, namely that because of their Vocational Training or their environment often do not trust their fate in their own hands to take.

For example, this week I was having a lively conversation with a universityprofessorin and chair holder about how much harder it is for children from working-class families - because we both share this experience.

Why are many people frustrated rather than motivated?

If, for example, there are no role models in the social environment, your own parents will not help you due to a lack of experience Education encourage and you always hear from others that you should accept your fate instead of being able to improve something of your own accord - then this paralyzes the feeling of self-efficacy and thus also your self-efficacy Motivationto fight for one's goals.

The result is that many people are anything but prepared and frustrated at the digital, social change. I remember, for example, the fierce, up Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® Years of discussion on the subject Skills shortage, in which many engineers bitterly complained that they could not find a job.

Why are some people just not successful?

Careerexpert Svenja Hofert at the time thankfully highlighted the application documents with an economic engineer with an immigration background, as they say in several contributions worked out that much of the Presentation depended on these application documents - an exciting experiment, I think.

In the end he Candidate also found a job – thanks to detailed advice and lots of good tips. But, and unfortunately this is the dilemma: Many cannot or do not want to afford such advice because they do not see the benefit.

When people get together, you can achieve a lot

After all, the discussions also ended Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® in an active action: numerous engineers have signed up toWe are VDI”- founded in contrast to the business-related Association of German Engineers - to shed more light on the subject of skills shortages. In the end, the topic became too from an ARD reportage taken up.

So what Matthias Horx said is true: People can achieve a lot if they team up. Since the topic is so important, the end is open, we should all contribute to the topic. It is important to initiate a discussion on this important topic. Let's start with that today!

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