quick-wittedness is not a question of Intelligence or talent, but the ability to act and react in certain patterns fast to retrieve. Find out how here.

to learn how to swim

Swiftness is like learning to swim

While many first-aid guidesMeasures have offered for emergencies, you will get to know real quick-wittedness here. It's like learning to swim: your reliable punching ability doesn't just "happen" overnight.

At the very beginning, it requires patience and time to practice. In order to do this, we present a toolbox with ten tried-and-tested patterns, which will give you more eloquence and above all persuasive power:

Game with the language introversion

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9 quick-wittedness methods,
which almost always work
Especially suitable for people with character
1Be silent,introvert
2short commentintrovert
4Overflow, mistextrovert
6The other sideextrovert
9Clear limitsextrovert

Introvert vs. extroverts

This overview summarizes ten methods of quick-wittedness that almost always work. We created the second column of the table following suggestions from experts such as Best of HR - Berufebilder.de® author Chris Wolf eingerichtet.

In her book “Convincingly Quiet!” she breaks a lance for silence Peoplethat their Power often underestimated and who, in our experience, tend to take quick wits in situations rather than open them eye level to hand out.

People are different

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With this second column, we take into account that people are different – ​​and should be. So if you are rather than breastfeeding Character If you, on the other hand, have a loose tongue anyway and perceive yourself as more of an extrovert, then the methods marked 'extrovert' should appeal to you.

No matter what type you belong to, there is something for everyone: they will defend themselves against the sounds as well as the conversation partners who can quietly start their verbal assault.

Practice creates masters

You can already see from this classification that it is not necessary to master all ten methods immediately and at any time! Repartee needs exercise and some techniques are yours for sure better than others. So for now, stick with the Method for better quick-wittedness, which suits you the most. Then expand your repertoire and combine the offers.

Another question we are often asked is whether all ten quick-wittedness patterns work and can be applied in every situation. Because your reaction is the only way the attacker will know if he has hit the target. No reaction means: No hit! Not reacting is sometimes the best option. This saves you time, you can overcome your own moment of shock and act continue sovereign.

What does the attack trigger?

Feel the inner feelings that trigger an attack on you. Perhaps you notice that you have already physically reacted to the outside. They have altered your posture, legs crossed one another, leaning back, looking ashamed, and the like.

Such point victories for your opponent are not a broken leg. At least now, however, look at the other intelligent and then turn away bored the look. Do not distort the eyebrows or the corners of your mouth!

Stabilize the ego

In the case of attacks or reprisals, the first step is always to stabilize one's self-esteem. Only in the second step can you respond to the content and reproaches - if you want that at all! You do not have to host uninvited guests either. Often the conscious restraint brings more advantages. She is always better than talking too much, too fast or thoughtless.

At a Lecture on the subject of quick-wittedness, one listener asked whether one always had to say something. No, you don't have to! But if you don't say anything, you should at least remain silent intelligently. Chancellor Angela Merkel does the same.

Elegant quickness

Pausing is often enough Strategy an elegant quick-wittedness. Just as a relationship does not have to follow a flirt immediately, a taunt can also come to nothing. If you have not understood something correctly, silence and maintaining inner calm is best anyway Choice.

Typically, this Pattern defuses a situation massively. Most of the time, however, it is the prelude to one of the other methods. Use this time to prepare your own quick-witted response. This is particularly useful for outbursts of anger or general accusations.

As a rule, we have the need for a pronounced answer. However, it should not be an unreflected reflex, and even after a break it is even more confident. Your silence calls on your opponent to become more precise and provide more information.

Fight gently

This method is extremely gentle and therefore well suited for disputes with business partners, which you do not want to bother. If you practice the method of "silence, overthrow" in your daily encounters, then master it even in difficult situations.

When you are listening, look pleasantly at your opponent, keep your eyes short, and then turn away bored. Aborting the eye contact is very important. If this does not happen, he is an invitation to continue. But you do not want that.

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