You have graduated from school and the exam stress is finally behind you. However, the next big challenge awaits: you must find your way into the Future to plan. You should consciously take your time when planning your studies and career and not make any decisions based on too quick and superficial information.


1. Are you looking for a MINT degree as a career guarantee? Caution, if this does not suit your strengths.

Felix wanted to be numbered for sure go and decided to study mechanical engineering. He was persuaded by the myth “Engineering degree = job security”. Just like at school, his favorite thing to do in his free time was sport. Football and kickboxing are his great passions. He's not particularly tech-savvy. During his studies, he only completed the compulsory internships and his grades were rather average at the end. Felix is ​​done with that now Study, but he doesn't have a job yet because his grades aren't particularly good. Besides that, he didn't do much besides his studies – he wasn't interested.

The fact is: Engineers are among the most sought-after graduates on the job market. Degrees in mechanical engineering and electrical engineering are particularly popular. The Acquired Competencies can graduate in almost any Industry insert. However, Germany is an attractive employer and the trend is rising. With the large number of national and international Candidate in these areas entrepreneurs can choose the best. Extensive practical experience, great grades, top hard and soft skills are desired. For everyone else, finding a job immediately after graduation is not so natural.

Tip: When choosing a degree, you shouldn’t just rely on security. What matters to you Fun does where your interests and skills are anchored. You can only excel where you have fun and can identify with the field.

2. You would like to study with a friend or a friend, because a study course is interesting. Caution: This is not enough for a professional decision.

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Sabine's friend Ines is studying sociology. Her brief research on the background of sociology was exciting for her and the opportunity to study with her friend and attend the same seminars was very tempting. So Sabine decided to join her friend. Her biggest flaw at school was math. The statistics modules in the sociology studies were torture for Sabine and so she broke off the studies after Statistics 2 in the second semester in desperation.

Tip: keep to yourself! Before you enroll for a degree decide, take a close look at the modules and content of theCourses. Talk to me Professoren and with people who are already completing their studies or have already completed their studies.

3. You want to study just because it is so common in your environment. But some are not a student type, despite Abi in their pockets.

All of Frank's friends start studying after leaving school. Frank is a practitioner and likes to support his father in his garage. Working on cars is exactly his thing. After graduating from high school, he followed his father's recommendations, orientated himself towards his friends and began studying business administration. With the ulterior motive “You can do anything with business administration” and the option to take over the father's shop.

Frank soon realizes that he can split his fellow students into two groups. Some are incredibly ambitious, have precise ideas where and how they want to work. They use all study-free days for practical experience and work in parallel in the targeted area. The other part is not so aspiring, just like it, but somehow also foreseeably more unsuccessful.

Tip: Especially if you are practically interested, you don't have to study at any price. If everyone is studying, there will soon be a shortage of practitioners. With a Vocational Training behind you, you can also finance subsequent studies more easily yourself.

4. Even your parents were teachers or doctors. Caution: Do not study anything just because you know it!

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Klara wants to be a teacher. Why? Because her parents are both teachers and because she thinks it's great to have so many holidays. Her favorite subjects at school were physics and physical education. She mastered the first years of her studies very well, but during her traineeship she noticed a lot fastthat she is impatient with the children.

Actually, she is also much more interested in working scientifically and deepening in details. It is therefore difficult for her to get into the children and she is quickly annoyed by the unrest in the class. When the students are noisy, their own concentration decreases and Klara loses the thread.

Tip: deal intensively with what drives you. develop from this Power and competencies. This is as a basis for professional Success and luck at work centrally.

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