If you ask yourself why team collaboration often fails, then it's usually due to the group dynamics. And from the beginning, even if that Team meets for the first time.


Group dynamics begin at the first meeting

At the first meeting of the team, group dynamic processes begin - some also say “group hydraulic” processes.

Ranking and pecking orders are tested, positions of all kinds are filled, defended and challenged, alliances are forged, sub-groups formed - and this continues until the microcosm of that group is its own Order found and everyone has their place in the group.

Even after that, such processes continue, because now positions are to be improved and so on. This is not very professional, but very human and above all: inevitable.

The rational leadership suppresses such processes

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A purely rational-instrumental one Guide With a rigid distribution of tasks and strict hierarchies, these human challenges - as well as a complex view of the team structure - will be perceived as disruptions and dealt with accordingly.

These imprints and the associated behaviors within a group can be Discipline, sanctions and a considerable amount of time are even reduced to a minimum - but in the mind it goes on and subliminally the battles for position will continue to be fought.

Creative leadership recognizes the potential

A creative leadership, on the other hand, will recognize potentials and try to make them useful. Group dynamics can be mitigated and even instrumentalized by clever management.

For this, management must be flexible and processes of Education of Team spirit and allow room for team structure. She must have credible authority and constantly engage and motivate each team member Eye keep and promote.

Combine the dynamism of the team in strength

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These things should be at least conscious to anyone who leads a team, better of course he should be experienced and - you guessed it - be creative enough to direct and harness these dynamics and just turn them around to empower the team.

This is a complex task that often requires spontaneous decisions, but the effectiveness of the team will thank you.

Form from the team a whole

In this phase of the team, the task is to create a functioning whole from the often unpredictable and variable parts, the team members. Very classical creativity.

And it's not even that difficult. This phase serves namely Orientation of the team members and sets the basis as well as the cornerstones of the team spirit, i.e. the character and the self-image of the team.

The bad reputation of teamwork

Teamwork has a bad reputation because group dynamic processes make life difficult for the team. Rational, hierarchical leadership patterns can do that Problem solve only superficially.

Creative leadership, on the other hand, will recognize potential and try to harness it. How does it look?

What is a team anyway?

Here should not the Rede not from a purely formal team, but from a team in the actual sense. A group of Peoplethat their Competencies share in order to create a common one in cooperation and with the help of synergies Objective to achieve.

A team in which each member does not see itself as an isolated part within a whole, but as an integrated part of the whole.

How does real team spirit emerge?

Such a team creates its own team spirit, the members not only contribute their core competency, but also secondary competencies, abilities, their entire experience and their personality into the group.

This results in a complex network - and creativity comes into play here at the latest.

Creative team leadership

A team needs leadership and klare Specifications - regardless of all leadership styles - and this leadership must be reliable and consistent, even if it strives for creative leadership.

Creativity is a coveted commodity and is becoming in Economy and politics gladly demanded. You can see that this is not unjustified if you enter the Term “Overslept development” enters.

Teambuilding as a creative task

If you want to lead your team creatively, you must first understand the team as such as a creative task. Creative, because your job is to shape the team.

Just a newly founded team is a largely untitled page and you have ample opportunity and opportunities to shape this team and its way of working.

Attention group dynamics

Whoever builds a team - no matter what form - creates a group. This is not bad, but has a - often not considered - impact:

The human being has been created as a social pack animal and is full of archaic, genetically transmitted programming, imprints and patterns of behavior. And they are not from cardboard!

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