You don't get anything out of line from soldiers marching in rank and file. And the boss's "word of power" often means that valuable initiatives simply peter out. The good ones Employees with high potential learn in this way that their Opinions doesn't count. And they are leaving in droves.


To moderate hierarchy

Executives would do well to reduce their hierarchical behavior to a minimum and moderate the perceived social distance between themselves and their people.

It can help to visit employees regularly instead of visiting them in person Office to let dance. This is one of many building blocks to keep the imbalance as small as possible.

How hierarchy can be reconstructed

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However, this is only possible for established individuals with natural authority and sparkling ones Charisma: Employee-oriented, confident, honest leaders. They are adored by their people, even if they are small weaknesses have. For them you go to the end of the Welt.

Hierarchy manifests itself, for example, through the dress code. A tie looks like a sword. Our subconsciousness reads such symbols as signals.

Way with the dress code

Interestingly, as soon as business becomes serious, a tie is created. If the clarification of the contract components is over and the victory retracted, you immediately relax, the grip goes to the tie knot.

And where great prey is condemned, in the centers of power, the gentlemen also wear west, like a tank, as an additional protection.

Equipped with shield and sword

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Women incidentally, do not wear either. At least for our cerebral autopilot - and everyone knows how strong it is - that translates to: If you don't have a shield or a sword, you don't play business games.

Quite independently of this topic: Who on eye level act with his people and want to take out everything dogged, the following tip is recommended:

Take care!

The management disguise sneaks in and it's easy to take off and loosen up a little so that people don't shy away verlieren.

Then free yours Organization from the obligation to wear a tie and let color into the offices so that the uniform gray of the suit wearers finally disappears.

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