Dismissals are rarely nice and can even lead to psychological problems. What matters is how you deal with the termination.

How to survive a dismissal in one piece: Successfully fired - 10 tips

Cancellation: Get started on billing day

"Could you have a look in mine?" Office come,” is the apparently harmless sentence that makes employees' hair stand on end. Because if the Manager so asks, there is usually nothing good behind it and, in an emergency, even termination. But how do you deal with her properly?

Even if layoffs are almost part of everyday work today, because the length of stay in Company shorter and shorter and job hopping seems to be very fashionable: for many, it literally knocks the rug out from under their feet and topples the person concerned Employees into an emotional one Crisis, which can lead to loss of identity. Because even if there is talk everywhere of "disinvestment of human capital", "release" and "outplacement", this usually only affects the others. The surprise on the day of reckoning is all the greater.

The Myth of Invulnerability: Prevention is always important

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That's exactly what happened to him Training Andreas Nentwich: He was himself a successful manager at Nestle, considered himself irreplaceable and therefore irrevocable – until his dismissal followed in 2009. He wrote about his experiences and what can be learned from them in his book “Flying out with me Success: How to manage the threat of job loss”.

His advice: the emergency to practice, by imagining your own weaknesses from the point of view of his boss - and then takes suitable preventive measures. And always have a contingency plan in the office drawer for the termination situation. "Because you're surely sinking into emotional chaos. You won't know right now what to think of first, what to do first, what not to forget," Nentwich said.

Beware of headless reactions

Isabel Nitzsche, coach and author of the book “Successful through Conflicts. How Women managing crises at work”. Above all, it is important not to sign anything now – especially not a termination agreement. "Because their agreements are binding and cannot be reversed later!" There is no need to rush: anyone who wants to sue for dismissal has three weeks to do so. So there is no reason to let your employer put you under time pressure. Nitzsche advises: “Wait calmly until the first shock subsides and you are somewhat better again clear be able to think."

Nitsche also advises Preparation in case of emergency: So you should make sure that the Curriculum vitae a product that can be sold at any time – the best way is to keep yourself informed about what qualifications are in demand on the job market: “Anyone who reads the job market in the newspaper and job exchanges in the Internet checks, gets a good overview. If your own qualification is no longer sought after, it is important to make corrections as soon as possible and to further educate yourself professionally.”

Crisis plan for emergencies Termination in 10 steps

You should have a contingency plan in place so that you don't look out of your head in the event of a termination. We will show you which points should be included.

  1. Choose job wisely: Take a close look at the company even before signing the contract: Who will be my future boss? How does my boss tick? Am I okay with that?
  2. Seeing things less emotionally: Her job is her place of work, not a substitute for family. Don't let yourself be blinded by a nice boss, then saying goodbye will be easier.
  3. Just no activism: Do not react from anger or fear somehow, but first think in peace and then proceed in a timely manner!
  4. Telephone numbers in case of emergency: Have a list of emergency phone numbers—friends, family, lawyer, mental health counselor—on hand.
  5. Do not sign anything! Often, during the break-up talk, there is already a cancellation contract ready on the table. Do not be put under pressure: whoever signs the cancellation contract can not change it later.
  6. Please think about it! Ask for time to think - at least for a few days. In the meantime, you should consult a lawyer for legal advice and seek advice.
  7. Important documents: So that you can negotiate tactically in an emergency, you should have your current employment contract, salary slip including benefits in kind, expense reports and a list of the remaining vacation days ready so that you can refer to all agreements.
  8. Salary slip and vacation days: So it means to be prepared. For example, the fact that the mailbox and the company account are blocked from one day to the next.
  9. Private messages and contacts: It may be that you will be asked to hand over your mobile phone immediately, your company e-mail will be blocked or, in extreme cases, that you will have to leave the office from now on. Hence the urgent advice never to store private data on company equipment.
  10. Consult a lawyer: A lawyer not only helps with a lawsuit, but advises you comprehensively on your rights - for example, when it comes to your severance pay: lawyers know which different factors can play a role in your individual situation and they know the currently valid legal provisions.

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