"Hell is the others" said the French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, describing what is bitter for many workers today, especially in times of crisis Everyday life heard: Being bullied at Workplace. It often starts out harmless, but can spread if you don't do something about it.

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Actually is Bullying Top dog wrangling: whoever bullies, has Anxiety for his position and tries to defend it - but with unfair means and behind the scenes, not in an open fight. The shy bully often!

For example, when colleagues simply do not provide important information or you are repeatedly criticized despite your best efforts. By only getting the unpleasant or even pointless work. Or by others spreading nasty rumors about you and gossiping about you in the back. If the bullying victim does not defend himself immediately, the rejection can fast become a systematic harassment.

Not a single act, but a behavioral pattern

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Because bullying is not a single action, but a behavior pattern that usually takes place over a longer period of time. In many cases this is behind it Method. Especially in times of crisis when there is great fear of losing one's job, there is increased bullying in order to eliminate competitors. When the economy is doing better, internal bullying usually decreases.

According to a report by the “New Quality of Work” initiative, eleven percent of employees in Germany have already been harassed. Most of the time the bullies are colleagues or him Executive. A minority are also bullied by subordinates. Psychologists assume that the perpetrators are their own negative Compensate for feelings and fears caused by bullying.

Mobbing in social media

In addition, bullying has again unimagined, especially through social media Significance won. On the one hand, social media shows us off on a daily basis Eyeshow apparently better it others People goes. On the other hand, social media makes anonymous cyberbullying much, much easier.

Although bullying is not necessarily part of social media, our author Katharina Antonia Heder finds that in her article Cyberbullying in social media, it takes, as it were by connecting with certain and not with all users, the addition of permissions for certain content, of course, an exclusion of certain users. Heder summarizes:

“It does not have to be preceded by a negative intention or a planned exclusion as a motive, but it is in the natural behavior of people to deal with the people who are important to them. In contrast to work life social networks own a serious Problem, in terms of dealing with bullying: the content is difficult to track down because it is influenced by attitudes Privacy, nicknames and the like. At the same time, as the person affected, I can report the content – ​​but only the platform owner and the author can delete it, and that can take time.”

Women are bullied more frequently

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Although there is no typical bullying victim, there are special ones Boy Workers under the age of 25 and older workers affected. Becoming almost three times more common Women bullied than men who are mostly the perpetrators. As a rule, victims of bullying are, on average, more fearful, submissive, and conflict-averse.

The problem is: in the long run, no one endures such personal attacks without bruises. Regular hostile attacks produce negative feelings and strong uncertainties among those affected, which mostly does not have any consequences on their work and performance behavior.

Study: 71% demotivated by mobbing!

According to a study by the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health feel 71,9 percent of those affected are demotivated by the bullying, 67,9 are increasingly suspicious, 58,9 percent withdraw from their environment.

(57,7 per cent), self-doubt (57,0 per cent), anxiety (54,3 per cent) and concentration weaknesses (53,2 per cent).

Do something about it - only what?

A man should not take bullying lightly, as it can lead to dismissal, severe physical discomfort, mental illness, even permanent disability and even suicide of the victim.

Therefore, it is important to do something about it in time by talking to others and getting advice and assistance. But the most important thing is to defend oneself and to set limits to the perpetrator, so that he does not feel confirmed to continue to bob.

Economic disadvantages!

But that too Company has disadvantages due to bullying: According to estimates, production losses due to bullying amount to over 4,4 billion euros per year in Germany alone. In principle, companies should ensure that bullying does not occur in the first place - for example by Work organization . change

Monotonous work, heavy pressure, extreme competition or overload often lead employees to react their frustration to a supposedly weaker colleague.

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