German Studies is one of the best-attended courses in the humanities. Every year, thousands of graduates complete their German studies at various German universities. And then?

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And what do you do as a Germanist?

Everyone will surely hear the popular question sooner or later "And what do you do with your German studies?" My standard answer to this has always been, especially when it comes to asking questions: “If I find out, you will be the first to know”. Which doesn't mean I didn't have a plan, just preferred to do it “in secret”.

But first things first: It all started with the love of the written word and the dream of scripts and the publishing of future world bestsellers. So I decided to do one of the things mentioned above Study with a focus on “German Literature” and as a balancing second main subject my second hobby horse “Ancient History” with the degree Magistra Artium, which was still common at the time.

For several reasons (friend, Family, range of courses and possible subject combinations) I chose the University of Leipzig as the location of my studies. I can proudly report that I enjoyed my studies very much successfully I was able to complete the course in the standard period of nine semesters, even though I had to overcome a number of hurdles in getting my Latin degree awarded.

Detours lead to the goal

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But also with a successful graduation certificate from the 600-year-old university and with the suffix MA, the fight for a job only began. Even with various internships at radio and in editorial offices as my first “work experience”, I did not find the right job. In order to be able to pay the rent and the cat food for my pups, I spontaneously took a temporary position in a real estate agency and before I knew it I was the assistant of a real estate agent. Not necessarily the right job
for a humanities scholar one would think that I say: yes.

Admittedly, real estate does not have much to do with Goethe, Schiller and literary theory, but I was still able to apply various knowledge and skills acquired during my studies to work in a real estate agency. These included next to Time management and the coordination of the most diverse areas and Tasks also different research applications when inspecting files, construction documents and the like as well as the ability to work efficiently and result-oriented.

Through my work in the real estate industry, I started to develop subject-specific issues Article to write for various real estate magazines and the like and was therefore able to get my first stand as Online- Build editor. Over time, the work as an online editor became more and more extensive, so that I was able to give up my work in real estate and now work as a freelance online editor in Frankfurt.

Conclusion: use internships

I can only advise all students of German studies or other spiritual sciences, who are about to graduate, to try their internships and volunteer work in the semester breaks, depending on their interests. This not only helps to expand the horizon and its own skills, it also enables a niche to be found in later professional life.

It has long since ceased to be the rule that Germanists or humanities scholars only go into the cultural or social work area, even in Economy and above all in the online area, there are a wide variety of opportunities for German studies graduates and the numerous other well-trained humanities scholars.

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