Changed study-time models in Germany have led to a boom in dual studies in recent years. How does the change between theory and practice work?

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High growth rates

This model, in which practice and theory alternate, has seen a huge surge in demand in recent years. What is a “dual study program” and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The fact is: the number of Companythat offer a dual course of study has increased rapidly in recent years. With such a large offer clearthat the universities and vocational academies that carry out the theoretical part of the dual study program also had to expand their offerings.

20% more dual students

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In addition, the Federal Institute for Vocational Education (BIBB), which collected the figures mentioned, has published the number of dual students in Germany: over 60.000 young people are now pursuing this study model.

These growth rates are, admittedly, enormous. But why is a dual degree program so popular?

Connection of practice and study

For school-leavers and / or students, there are three decisive factors, which is why they want to study dual. The direct linking of practical and theoretical learning contents is one of them.

Because in a dual study program you spend half of your time in a company and gain practical experience there. Either by doing a normal operational Vocational Training goes through, or by completing long-term internships.

You spend the other half in the University or vocational academy, where the theoretical course content is taught. Both together result in a double degree (academic bachelor's degree plus an apprenticeship or extensive practical experience through internships).

Factor monthly salary

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Another factor is the payment as an employee already during the study. The companies do not only pay the study fees, but also pay a training salary.

Although you can not make big jumps from this one, the basic supply is assured during your student life. This is a decisive point, especially for young people from economically weaker households.

Last but not least, the very good chances of being taken on are mentioned. The hiring rate by the company, which also financed the dual study program, is over 80%. These often include permanent contracts - in today's generation, internships are a security aspect for young people that should not be underestimated Young Professionals.

Many advantages, but still not everyone's thing

The above points all sound very positive. Why should you still go to a normal study, if you can acquire two degrees in a dual degree course?

But this is exactly where the biggest disadvantage lies: the high workload. During your studies you have to go to university, study for exams, do homework draw up and work at the same time.

A burden that should not be underestimated

This is a burden that one should not underestimate. If the other friends have leisure time in the normal course, it can be that one can not afford the time.

Because you also have no 4 months semester breaks per year, but only the regular number of holidays as other employees as well.

Other disadvantages

Dual students must be mobile if the company and the study place differ. It may be that you study in Baden-Württemberg and work in NRW.

As a dual student you are of course very attuned to the work structures of the training or internship company. There is no thinking outside the box. Discipline and Motivation is necessary! The duration of the course is set as the standard period of study.

Conclusion: Exactly

A dual degree is a special study model. While it is for those who can learn better practically than only theoretically and who Stress tolerates, just the right one decision can be, another person could collapse under the stress of work and study.

You should therefore assess yourself conscientiously and inform yourself well beforehand. In the Internet there are several ways to find out more about this form of study and all theCourses offered.

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