Companys can they Future only achieve if they Intelligence and attract the full creative power of top talent. Because the market is merciless.

swarm intelligence

In the biggest change process of all time

Something big is afoot. A new game is being played. We're in the middle of the biggest Changeprocess of all time. A paradigmatic change in living, buying and working styles has long been obvious. And the customers know no mercy. The change from a classic pyramid organization to a network company now has to happen at breakneck speed. Digital transformed bold suppliers with fresh ideas the market stunning fast Ahead.

And the "wisdom of crowds" has long since taken over, almost unnoticed by most companies. What that means? Today decide especially your own customers about whether new customers come and buy. And your own Employees play a key role in deciding who attracts the best talent.

Suitable framework conditions must be established

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Appropriate internal framework conditions and a leadership culture geared to this change are unavoidable, so that it is possible to be permanently enticing in such markets.

But while everything is changing outside, the managers in the company are strolling through the rituals of the past century with valuable rituals:

The companies are trapped in their own system

Top-down formations and hierarchy, silodenke, insular solutions and departmentalisms, control and instructional culture, budgeting marathons and key figure management, cumbersome reconciliation and traditional communication processes are just a few of the key words of many.

The companies are trapped in their own systems. And they will not fail in the market, but in their structures. Because with tools from the day before yesterday, the future can not be packed.

Re-launch: How companies can achieve the future

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An rethink is now urgently needed inside, in the company's internal interaction. The most important buzzwords are: open, flatten, widen. Networking and collaboration are the keywords for Objective. A timid refreshment of the existing is not enough. E.

A realignment is required instead. Much must be given to a creative restlessness and much of a creative destruction (Joseph Schumpeter) in order to create space for something new, more suitable, and to equip oneself for the competition of the future.

7 key tasks against continuing as before

As before, there is no option. A re-start is up. Even before technological and product-based innovations, management innovations are required. Only to. The rules will never be the same again.

As before, there is no option. Rather, seven key tasks are to be tackled:

This is how swarm intelligence helps

The digital natives and their Startups-Founders grew up in a digitally networked environment. They constantly move in swarms that make their home in the far reaches of the web.

This makes them miles ahead of established companies. And they have to rethink if they want to be competitive in the future!

What is swarm intelligence?

The established companies don't want to catch up verlieren, they must learn to understand as soon as possible how social networks work effectively and how swarm intelligence can be used effectively.

Swarm intelligence is understood as the “wisdom of the many”, a more or less self-organizing collective intelligence that can generate a variety of innovative ideas beyond administration and bureaucracy.

Lonely decisions lead to the abyss

Achieving breakthrough innovations undoubtedly requires the expertise of specialists. And sometimes it needs the strategic one Hand an energetic boss.

But lonely decisions can light lead to the abyss. Deadly for the innovative power of a Organization it is, however, when everything awaits the roar of the silverback as if frozen.

No blind obedience

Of course, also in networks there are authorities to follow. But the blind obedience that is still pronounced in closed organizations does not exist here.

Leadership-Art will be called in the future positive To combine leadership effects and employee swarm intelligence in a goal-oriented manner - and to find a cooperation that also actively integrates customers in all stages of the value chain.

The Wisdom of the Crowds

Years ago, sociologist James Surowiecki used many examples in his world bestseller 'The Wisdom of the Crowds' to show that a group is usually “smarter than its smartest member”.

However, only when their composition is inhomogeneous. For homogeneous groups, ie those with similar members, tend to conform, to consensus, to handle routines - and rarely to explore new ones.

Inhomogeneous groups decide better

The gain of an inhomogeneous group results from the different ways of thinking of its members and a willingness to experiment.

However, the group can only make wise decisions if it is independent in forming its opinion, if each participant has access to everything that is relevant to the decision Background has and if he has his Opinions can express freely. The group must also be able to meet – virtually and in real life.

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