Corporate do a lot for customers to win for a sales pitch. What is often overlooked: The customer journey is at least as important.

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Leave a good impression

The end of the sales pitch, the deal with the client, and the impact they leave behind is often even more important than winning new customers.

Because it depends Customer with a positive or negative feeling from the Conversation – and he remembers that. Similar to addressing customers, you can do a lot wrong with the last words in a sales pitch, but you can also get a lot right.

When you end up responding to your customer individually and personally, when you give him the emotional one at the end Spiegel hold out again, leave a positive Effect, which turns your customers into loyal regular customers.

Emotional final strategies work

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But how do you close the sale without the customer manipulate respectively on negative way to influence?

If, through the argumentation of the emotional benefit (as described in an earlier article) and visual language, you create such a high demand for your products that the customer really wants to buy, you save yourself elaborate closing techniques and rhetorical excellence.

What does the customer really want?

Before you ask the final question, however, you should ask a preparatory question. When you have actively listened and know what your customer really needs, the emotional customer mentioned at the beginning will comespiegel for use:

Make sure again that this offer is really what he imagined and maybe even dreamed up.

Some examples:

The end of the sales pitch is important

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You will have noticed that everything is closed Ask are, no more open W-questions; this is all about one decision to bring about, i.e. to say “yes” or “No”, Order now immediately or maybe later.

The end of the sales talk is important: because now it's about making a decision; the customer should say “yes” or “no”. It is simply a question of: order now or only tomorrow - or maybe not at all?

Final questions - objectively or personally?

If the customer answers your question with "yes" as expected, everything is fine Order, then you only need to ask the final question. This is quite factual:

Or creative and personal:

Be creative and original

As in the customer approach, be calm and creative at the end: The customer will definitely remember you.

If, contrary to expectations, the answer is “no”, it starts all over again: it is up to you to find out what is still bothering you, what has not yet convinced you, what information is missing. At this point you should be especially careful with the question why, why and why. The customer does not want and should not justify his decisions.

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