Are chatboots “the next big thing” in the Communication? Or will there soon be disillusionment due to the impersonal manner of the chatting robots despite the digital and mobile hype?

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Possibilities and limits

They sneak into our lives almost unnoticed. Dialogue programs that fool us, there would be someone on the other end who understands us. We will be surprised what is possible in this area. And admittedly, they already facilitate our lives in many ways today.

On the other hand, they encounter their limits in some disciplines - and we with them. Or are we just not ready to cross our human limits in thinking?

6 Theses on Artificial Intelligence in Communication

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So I asked myself what constitutes human communication and what the development of artificial communication is all about Intelligence will change that. 6 theses.

  1. Man-Machine Systems: Human-computer interaction. Man-machine communication. Man, interface and technical system quickly become a great whole, which is cheered in the course of the industry 4.0. But did human-machine systems actually support our development? Does it not ask us rather than that it promotes us? Are the increasingly complex technical possibilities connected with each other? Or do they separate us from what makes us human beings? To talk together, to solve problems, to grow together!
  2. The last bastion: More and more machines surround us - both in the private and in the professional environment. The Smart Home, which promises more security and comfort, goes into the digital factory at the fully automated workplace. And all this is controlled by a mobile dialog program. So do technology and artificial intelligence now enter the final bastion of human communication? Replace Chatboots, Siri, Alexa or Google Now the dialogue between two real people?
  3. Is Artificial Intelligence Perfect !? Yes and no, because artificial intelligence is intelligent - as the name says. It learns, it can hear, speak, understand. It can certainly have a high intelligence quotient. That has advantages. The navigation controls in the car let us focus our attention and attention on the traffic - we speak to “her”. Hotel search by smartphone, customer service requests from the telecommunications provider via call - everything perfect. Definitely in terms of content.
  4. There is a lack of emotions: What is hapting is the emotion. Because an emotional intelligence, lovingly called EQ, is missing the machine. Of course, I can tell the customer information system that something is not working. But how annoyed I am, the system can still not grasp. It's not that smart. And this is technically also understandable: At the moment, it is a pure setting of the language of the language, with the voice and body language missing.
  5. Limits of dialogue programs: If we assume that word communication was once created to express a need, a wish or a condition, the word alone cannot do it. You need the right attitude, the emphasis. A word like "super" can appear cynical, meaningless, praising, or enthusiastic. Depending on how it is pronounced. In any case, the statement can be diametrically different if I perceive the subtleties in the voice. You don't need intelligence, you need empathy. The fact is that very intelligent people often cannot perceive the subtleties either - similar to the super-intelligent chat boots. The customer says “SUPER” = the customer is satisfied, so the system saves it. No matter how cynically insulting it was meant.
  6. How does communication work at all? Relationships between people are shaped by communication to over 75 percent. Conversely, 75 percent of communication is relevant to relationships. For good and for bad. This means the relationship between people and people. And since 75 percent is a not inconsiderable size, it remains that human communication cannot be replaced by anything where it is not just a matter of information. Unless we are seriously considering the relationship with a device ...

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